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If I am on unsupervised probation for a dui and I am not allowed to be at a bar or to drink alcohol ?
I was seen at a bar but wasn't talked to or charged can I get into trouble? Also I was talked to by a cop but he didn't charge me can I still get into trouble?
The police officer would not likely issue a ticket at the time because, unless you are under age, being in a bar is not...
If I'm on probation from Colorado and had it transferred to another state can I be revoked for a positive thc test
I am on probation in Colorado for a non drug related offense and had it transferred to Wyoming where I am living temporarily. Now marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and was wondering if I could be revoked if I test positive for marijuana. I'm not even sure they will test me at all but it helps with several ailments I have and would like to know your thoughts. If I did get revoked I would have to go to a Colorado court again and was wondering what they could say about that.
You already know the answer to this question. You need to contact an attorney in the state of Wyoming to see what the...
Can I be convicted of a dui if I had a tire blow out, no possession of keys and not in the vehicle?
I was driving home from a buddies house over spring break. My front tire blew out on the highway and I pulled over the truck. I put my keys behind my gas cap and walked away to call for help. I was arrested for dui aprox 15 minutes later...there was also some beers in a cooler in the back of my truck some full, some empty from the get together. Can they really convict me of a dui in this case? How do they know that I didn't try to slam the beers or something to get rid of them? How do they know that I was going to drive a truck with a flat tire when I wasn't in it or in possession of my keys? Please help!
Hire a good local dui attorney. There are several defenses mentioned in your question.
I was not mirandized when I was arrested for a dui
I'm a minor & I had to do roadside Olympics then submit to a breathalyzer. I failed the olympics & blew .08. I was then handcuffed and placed in his car. Why was I not mirandized? Don't police officers have to follow procedure? Can my case be pleaded down and/or possibly thrown out?
You only need to be mirandized if they ask you questions. You should talk to a local DUI attorney asap to determine if...
How long does it take before getting sentenced for felony DUI? How likely am I to get sentencing alternative?
I got charged with a felony DUI(4th dui) on December 30th 2017. There isn't a preliminary set yet, but will be set very soon I'm sure. I am in the process of gathering the funds for private counsel, but I am having trouble coming up with what I need so I want more time to gather funds and sufficient time for my attorney to go over the case. Can I get it pushed back further? I also am wanting to do an in patient treatment program instead of prison time. I am ready to change my life and be sober for my family of 5, my disabled dad who I am a caretaker for, and myself. What are my options and is it even possible to get sentence alternatives? Even if its alcohol/drug court, half way house, longer intense probation, anything. Also I started AA meetings all ready to help me in my sobriety journey. Thank you.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation and glad to hear your pursuing resources that are helpful for your sobriety....
Whatdo I need to expect, I have been charged with DUI and misdemeanor child endangerment?
I have no prior endangerment charges. I was driving drunk with my son in the car, I just want to know how to get my son back.
These are very serious charges, hire a local criminal and family attorney immediately.
What will happen to me at court I am on 301 probation and I got caught with a bottle of my friends pee got a ticket
First UA had pee on me probation officer found it and they called the cops I got a ticket at the probation buliding now I have court what should I do
If the attorneys on Avvo fail to answer your questions, please feel free to call a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.