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Will pennslyvania extradite me for dui first offense from another state?
years ago i missed court in pa and was to scared to go to jail so i didnt come back and after two years i got a letter from pa stating it was dropped and even now im scared as its over med marijuania dui first offense. i have M.S., seziures, and a host of medical problems and worried i will die in jail. i wasnt high or intoxicated at time of being pulled over but cop said if i dont give blood i will go to jail so i gave blood and had marijuania from days before in my blood. if i leave pa and go several states away will they come get me for dui first offense even though its a missdomeanor?? thank you ....
If the charges were dropped why would there be any issue of being extradited? It sounds like the case is over.
Can maximum strength sudafed otc nasal spray and musanex cause a flase positive for amphetamines or methampetamin?
I took a drug test at work and came up positive for amphetamines and methampetamin. I take sudafed, musanex, and i use nasal spray on a daly basis. I have never used meth ever in my life.
Generally not but you can get your own test or hire a chemist to dispute same.
I was just arrested for a dui...i had one 24 years ago and received the ard program. Is this considered my second one?
someone reported us but when police arrived we were sitting in the car eating
This is your second one, but the court will treat it as your first. Get it?
My 20 yr old son was arrested & is being charged. could u give me an idea of what to expect? I have no idea.
75 3802 A1 (lead) DUI Gen Imp 1st off 75 3802 E DUI Minor 1st offense 35 780-113 A3 mariju small amt pers 75 4306 A not use low beam 75 3309 1 disregard traffic lane (sing) 18 6301 A1i corruption of minor 75 3718 A minor prohib/op w alcohol 18 6308 A purch Eric alcoh bev by minor I have no idea what to expect. Please help me understand a little.
If this is a first offense there are many options. It is suggested that you retain a criminal defense attorney and have...
How long does it take to have a DUI expunged from your record in PA?
I went through the steps with a lawyer to have my only DUI expunged over a year ago. They told me it could take up to 6 months, but it's still there! I just lost an opportunity for a good job because of this - they think I lied on my application! It was my only offense and I paid the lawyer $1,000.00, which I could not afford. Help!
Great question! The length of time it takes to get an ARD expunged varies. It depends upon how quickly the DA joins in...
In your experience, is 10 months+ between traffic stop (resulting in DUI) and filing of the charges; somewhat common?
Was pulled over 07/03/15 for speeding; I was taken for blood work & fingerprinted after admitting to drinking at a concert. The trooper said I'd receive my charges in about a month & that he saved me a step (live in different county) by already fingerprinting me. 10 months later, The charges have arrived. They were not filed until May 11, 2016 and include a fingerprint order. The probable cause affidavit does not mention when the blood lab request was submitted or received. Also, I mentioned to the trooper the possibility of THC in my system - to which I was told only my BAC was being tested (silly of me, I know. & I assumed he was BSing me). The affidavit does NOT mention anything other than my BAC (.098), however + the DUI charge is for BAC (.08-.10). I am wondering if the trooper cut me a break (thank goodness) and if it could be brought to the surface/recharged in creating a defense against the case.
No not unusual bac results from state police have been very slow. It hurts you in that a lawyer hasn't got your side of...
If I was stopped on suspicion of DUI, given field sobriety tests, not told the results, and then let go, will I still be charged
I was stopped and asked if I had been drinking. I truthfully answered yes and that it was one drink. I was given field sobriety tests including a breathalyzer. The officer did not show me my result from the breathalyzer and then told me I could go. Does that mean I passed the tests? Does it mean I will still be charged? Will I receive a summons in the mail?
If the officer allowed you to drive home after the tests, you must have passed them. I can't imagine a scenario where...