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How long will a dui stay on your record in tx
this was the second time
You should repost this for the Texas lawyers. And clarify which record. If you're referring to you criminal...
How long can a court try you for a DUI offense?
Been going to court for over 2 years with the same issue I was given a misd. DUI back in 2013. At that time I was given a court appointed attorney. Well after several trips to court the court appointed attorney withdraws and say's she no longer wishes to represent me. I go back to court again to fill out the paper work to get yet another court appointed attorney and the judge assigns me her once again. I have to fill out yet another court appointed sheet to get another attorney. The judge approves the paperwork and resets me for the following month. Once again she is assigned to be my attorney. I again go in and the judge denies my paperwork after already approving me before I left. I have had to go thru this over 10 times. By law can the judge approve my paperwork for a court appointed attorney and then once I get to court not approve it since it was already approved? Like I explained I travel 2 hours for court and each time they reset me because they keep saying something is wrong with my paperwork although it's always approved before I leave the courthouse. Is there anything I can do legally?
A statute of limitation refers to how much time the prosecutor has to file a charge after the alleged crime was...
This has nothing to do with aa dwi or dui,,, I DO have an atty and have been trying to get into court for 6 years, it is put off
I lost my husband and owned several properties, as soon as my husband passed away (a horrible slow death) my son and his wife stole over a million dollars in cash and assets from me. my doctor had me on a controlled substance and I stayed drugged up for several months , about 19 days after his death , apparently son and his wife took me somewhere and had their name added to all my c,d,s , properties, credit cards, etc.and spent over one million dollars and sold a small farm that I had, this has been put off in court now for 6 years and has just now been put off again. I would like to know how many cases ahead of mine have been on the docket as long as mine?
Your counsel should have a firm grasp and clear understanding for the reasons your case has been continued. He or she...
How would I get an ignition interlock device when I don't own a vehicle? No one I know will allow me to do so.
It's been two years since I received a citation for DUI-First Offense and while I was trying to reinstate my license I have to show proof of the device installed but I've never owned a car nor can I get or purchase one without a license. Can someone tell me my options please?
You wouldn't be required to get one without a car
I wasn't read my Miranda rights
I was in the car with my brother, I had been drinking he was not. He was driving. We got pulled over for a licence plate light out. The cop asked if we had been drinking I said yes I was and he said no. He did sobriety test and got put in he cruiser. cop came back asked me to get out of the car, I did. I had a drink and he asked me if it was mine and i said yes. No rights were read and he arrested me for public intox and open container (which I understand I admitted to prior). No rights were read to me the entire time. When I court can I bring this fact up? Side note I was also charged for posession because my brother had marijuana in his car, but I feel like I can probably get out of that out.
Since 1966, Miranda v. Arizona has served as the touchstone for the exploration of the scope of the Fifth Amendment...
If you are on probation for cannabis possession will you be tested for EtG on top of the standard 8/10-panel on the drug test?
Currently on 1-yr probation for cannabis possession in OK. I have to take randomized drug tests for the probation req. I already know that I will be getting the standard 8/10 panel urine test. Will I possibly be tested for EtG in my system as well even though it was a Marijuana offense or will it just be the standard test?
Most probation terms include abstaining from alcohol, so yes, thet can alcohol test
Can a lawyer get with Department of public safety to work out a modified license/work permit ect.. or am I SOL?
I am on 2 1/2 yrs out of a 3yr suspension for 3rd dui. I have met and completed all treatment requirements and only lack in expiration of suspension.
Additional facts surrounding the circumstances will need to be addressed by counsel of your choice in order to...