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In 2 days, I have an OVI pretrial. Should I be concerned that my attorney has communicated nothing but the date & time?
OVI, wrong way on one way, hit and run
Did you hire your attorney or are you being represented by a public defender or appointed attorney? If you hired your...
Can I clear up a warrant in TN without leaving my current state of OH?
I have a outstanding warrant in TN (I think) for Violation of Probation for the only purpose of paying fines back to the court over a driving offense (original charge) it is a misdemeanor and I am wondering if there is anyway to get this cleared up without having to go back to the state of TN. I am currently residing in Ohio. I bailed out on probation because I simply could not afford to pay the fines at that time and was told by my probation officer that the judge would throw me in jail if not paid. I want to get this cleared up so that I can move on with my life and not live in fear of being picked up by authority. The judge that oversees the hearings is a real stickler and likes to throw people in jail for not paying fines and for very minor offenses and they do years literally!! I am scared to death but I am also a good person, I have no felonies, no theft charges, no drug charges no crazy charges at all but I am terrified to try to go back and handle it, out of fear that I will be hemmed up for an extended period of time. I am a business owner and mother and can't afford to go away for years for something as trivial as this. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!! :(
First, you need to sure that you have a warrant. Call a bail bondman and have them run a warrant check. Many offer...
How can the state of WV have my license suspended in the state of OH for a 2012 DUI that I paid fines and attended required cla?
I recently turned 25 and went to get a new drivers license in Ohio. I was informed there was a block on my license and I was given a number to call. While in college in WV in 2012 I got a DUI. I obtained a lawyer, paid my fines, attended classes and thought I met all of the required punishment. I have never had a WV drivers license When I called the number in WV I was informed that I now have to have an interlock installed in the car I drive in OH because of the conviction from several years ago which I thought all was taken care of. Help!
Hire an attorney to solve this problem for you right away. By doing everything required of you, that should have...
Can a DUI be held up in court even after all testing has cleared it?
Years and not dismissed yet
Your question is not clear at all. I'm going to make a lot of assumptions based on extremely limited info that you...
Can I be 11 years old to babysit if I passed a test and got a 100%?
I just want to babysit a little kid since I love kids they can be so fun and easy to handle
How did your question get mixed with with the questions about DUIs? There is no law in Ohio that sets a minimum age...
Municipal Cory issued a warrant block on my license, I got the warrant dropped, now they refuse to send a release on the block?
A local municipal court is refusing to give me a release form on my warrant block on my license, even tho they already released my warrant itself. Carlisle courts is saying I must wait a month until my court date and then they will give release of my warrant block, but I'm class A CDL licensed truck driver, a DUS could happen between now and then and ruin my CDL for life. I feel like they are holding my license hostage to ensure they get paid they're fine money on court day, but they don't understand I won't have any money to give them if they don't release my license. Don't get how they can have warrant block without a warrant in the first place.
Please consult an experienced attorney who regularly practices in Carlisle to look into this for you. It sounds like...
Driving under suspension first charge have to go to lip disposition court what u think going to happen?
Need answers bout court n charges
1) We are lawyers not divinators or bookies, thus we don't quote odds, still, 2) anything is possible (whether or not...