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How do I fight DUI charges in another state?
I was in California visiting family. On my way back to new mexico I was pulled over in Blythe CA because my lisence plate lights were out. The officer mentioned my eyes looking glossy. I explained I had been driving all day and it was 10 at night, I was getting a lil sleepy. The officer had me get out of the car asked if ive been drinking or under the influence of drugs. I dont drink alcohol and I wasnt under the influence of any drugs. I completed all DUI tests and I blew a 0 in the machine. The police officer arressted me for DUI. At the police station he stated I had to give a blood sample so I did. I was released 6 hours later and told I have to appear in court in November. I live in New Mexico and I cannot afford to go to court in California for this and I was not driving under the influence. What do I do?
Hire an attorney who works in that district. Many times, we can avoid clients having to come back to the state where...
If my dui is cleared thru the court can the dmv still require me to do the interlock
I failed to comply with my dui terms and was given jail time for each condition i was given including not doing the interlock
Yes. A license revocation period can extend past a court's jurisdiction over the individual. As evidence of this,...
How long does DUI stay on your record in the state of new mexico
Got a DUI when I was eighteen. How long does it stay on your record in the state of New Mexico
Any criminal conviction stays on your record for life in any state.
How will my drivers license be affected I received a DUI in a different state while on vacation
Recently got a DUI while on vacation in a different state (Colorado) I'm a licensed driver in NM.
Contact a lawyer in New Mexico to properly advise you before you DUI charge in Colorado is resolved.
Can the court force you to take a drug test before your plea is formally entered by the judge?
A friend was Arrested for felony possession. Bonded out and Hired attorney but attorney did not investigate possible defenses and told my friend he was taking the plea deal. Arraignment was last week and friend signed plea deal but before the judge entered the plea they sent him for a drug test. He failed and is now in jail. What are his options? Can he change plea and ask for new attorney? Can they make him stay in jail until he can pass a drug test?
Yes, they can force someone to take a drug test. This is to make sure that a plea is knowingly entered into. You can't...
Does a prior fulfilled dui in florida considered in a future offense of the same in new mexico making it a second offense?
A FL DL with a prior DUI in Florida. Years later, if I have a DUI in New Mexico is the past one in the other state seen as a prior thus making the new one in New Mexico a second offense?
Yes! Different states have tackled this issue in different ways. For new Mexico, all prior DWI/DUI convictions from...
What are the chances this traffic citation leading to a dui will be dismissed?
I was pulled over for "swerving within traffic lane and driving in a jerking motion" those aren't actually traffic code violations. The officer then had me conduct fsts and go back to the station to give a breath sample. what are the chances this ticket will be dismissed and get the dui after the traffic stop dismissed?
Not real good but possible. It is not required that you cross over the line before the officer initiates a traffic stop....