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When I was 16 I got charged with a B&E and larceny . Then got charged with a dwi when I was 18. Can I get it expunged.
I'm 40 now I'm married have kids my daughter is 17 she is going to early college and graduating next year with her associates I haven't been in trouble since I was 18. found out the hard way I can't get a good job with this on my record. I really don't want this hanging over my head the rest of my life really would like someone to help me get rid of this nasty record.
How old were you when you were convicted of the B E L? Were you convicted of the underage DWI at the same time OR did...
I lost my drivers license in Michigan 10 years ago due to 3 DUI's. I now live in North Carolina How can I get my license back,
I was court ordered to 2 years substance abuse classes and 3 years of AA I had completed both just before I moved to NC. How do I get my driving privileges back. I need a car to keep working.
You need to resolve the Michigan case and get your privileges restored there. Then NC will be OK with you. This is a...
Is there anything I can do to not lose my license or at least a limited privilege?
I received a letter in the mail that my license was suspended for 1 year due to violation of interlock system. I scheduled a hearing with the DMV to explain that I had been drinking the night before and must not have waited long enough for the alcohol to fully dissipate. I blew a .039 which allowed my to start my vehicle. While driving I blew a .047 which was a failed rolling restart. 15 minutes later I blew a .034 which allowed me to restart my vehicle and get home. My limit is a .04. After my hearing I received another letter telling me I needed to turn in my license in 1 week. I guess the hearing didn't do any good. I could not afford $1500 that the lawyers are asking for this hearing. I ave not had any traffic violations since Feb 2011. Interlock was given by DMV not court system.
It seems if you are in a pickle. The lawyers are the best bet. I know $1500 dollars seems to be a high amount but there...
I got a DUI/child abuse fighting DUI what do I do?
got in a weck,charged with DUI and child abuse.i blew a 0.00 they took blood,has not come back.i am trying to fight the DUI.also got DWLR.i missed my court date.I kinow I have a pick up I need to turn my self in or let them get me? while I find a lawyer. im not running,they know where I live.
I recommend that you retain a lawyer to address the warrant. In some jurisdictions the lawyer may be able to lift the...
If I lose my appeal for manslaughter 2 with a sentence of 2.5 years to 7.5 years and came out on bail would I be given more time
I have been granted bail and done 2 months right now but want to come out of prison after serving only 2 months because I heard it is unusual that I was given bail ! I don't wanna go through this again
If you were given an appeal bond and post that, you would be released pending the outcome of the appeal. If you lose...
Help on DUI sentence for prison?
Is a misd DWI level 2 sentence still cut in half when you go to prison in North Carolina?
You need to contact local NC criminal attorney.
Do you have to get interlock system if license is reinstated after 2 DUIs?
Got convicted of 2 DUIs within 2 years. License was revoked for 4 years with chance for DMV hearing after 2. It has been 2 years now and hearing is scheduled. If they reinstate my license will they make it conditional to having an interlock system or is there a chance I will get it back without that?
Yes, you will have the requirement of interlock with two DWIs within 2 years. It will be a requirement through DMV....