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Person has past arrests for drinking and driving
By whom? The police? Please provide more information.
BMv states that I can apply for probation license privilege.
It sounds like there is an application you can complete and then submit to the BMV. You can probably do it yourself....
I got pulled over close to Danville Indiana, and the cop automatically pulled me and two passengers out of the car and handcuffed us, he told us we weren't being arrested and sat us on a curb and searched the car without permission, he found not even a half gram of marijuana, a grinder, and two bowls. I'm being charged with a Possession of paraphernalia Misdemeanor class A and possession of marijuana misdemeanor class B.
Before you start thinking about whether you are going to serve jail time, think about hiring an attorney to take a look...
Police say they received call of erratic driving, came into store and arrested me
Most states will allow for a 911 call to be the sole reason for the stop / arrest, so yes, it would be legal.
Occured , 07/04/2013, had an accident resulting in an OWI , blood draw on same day . I was informed by attorney that it would be 3 to 6 months before the results come in . Court date scheduled before results will be in.
It's not the court that does so, it's the prosecutor's office. Beyond that, all of your questions should be directed to...
got arrested in hendricks county indiana for public intoxication was taken to jail released and have a court hearing
There are a number of other factors that can affect the answer to this question. These factors include but aren't...
my wife is a citizen I came with a tourist visa 9 years ago i never had problems with the law until 7 years ago when i get those DUI
How many DUIs did you get? If it is just one, it does not seem you will have a major problem as long as you completed...