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My question was is a dui first offender program in delaware a conviction. # 2. if it s not a conviction can i get my cdl back.
I lost my CDL for life because of 2 violations 1 refuse chemical test and first offender program
This is a good question and the answer is "it depends." Technically, the FOP does not constitute a conviction. But, if...
Is a dui first offender program in delaware a conviction
i lost my cdl for life for 2 violations refuse chemical testing in 2007 and first offender program in 2013 can i get cdl back first offender program is not a conviction right?
To be considered for a First Offense Election (may only qualify 1 time for FOE) one cannot have: A previous DUI...
After completion of Delaware dui first offenders program can i get my driver license back after the 16 hour course is done?
I took the first offender program plea
I need to know how long ago you entered FOP. Was it a year ago? Have you paid all fines, costs, etc.? Have you done...
I live in delaware, and just got a dui in pa. my last dui in del was 2003, would i do jail time? single mom- do i need a lawyer?
1st 1993, 2n d 2003 both in delaware this is 1st in pa does that matter? is there a free lawyer?
Yes to both. There is a mandatory minimum jail time for duis. It is determined by priors and bac. You will be going to...
Do i really need a lawyer or can i have the public defender get me into a ard program?
5 1st offense charges my bac .16 n last dui was 2003 different state
First and most basically, A Public Defender has available all of the same options for a client that a privately...
How to take back a statment in Delaware i was drunk
Me and my bf got into it i was clearly drunk he tried to get me out of the hot car n lay me down n the house i flipped on him and he only defended himself i ran and a cop seen me and they took me to the hospital where they continued to drill me i have a black eye is it witch i pulled his hair out etc.. But now he has charges and its not rite i want to take bk my statment they should have never took it anyway rite but how do i do so he has a stragulation charge when he never did that and i dont remember saying he did yea i have a lil mark on my neck but shoot i mighta already had that please help me someone i dont want this man getting n trouble for something he didnt do.
Before making a claim that you made a false statement speak to local criminal defense counsel as making a false...
WWhat will happen to me ?
I the got first time offenders for my DUI. I paid of all my fines and finished my classes. I'm off probation now but I have to wait a year to get my license back from DMV. I got caught dwls on my way to work. What will happen to me ? Also I get my license reinstated before my court
Nothing "good" will unfortunately happen to your privilege (license) to continue driving, as well as to your criminal...