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What should I do? I was taken for a PI in the state of Ky out of my own driveway. I have had passed PI charges as well as a DUI
All of these charges came from the same police officer. I lost my home to a housefire and had to move into the city. I am also in the methadone clinic and the officer is aware of this because when I was first arrested I was honest and informed them of my prescription meds.I have begged this officer to leave me alone but he seems to enjoy this brutality. He has caused me to not even want to come out of my house or everytime I see a police or police car I go into panic mode. Can someone help me with this?
Getting a public intoxication charge in your own driveway sounds like bs to me, unless you were walking around naked...
Can i get charged with a dui. 4 breath test. Came out negative
I had a panic attack. And I crashed in to a fence. My air bag deployed. When the police got there I was till in the driver seat. He told me to walk but I was really confused .
The Commonwealth is not required to have a breath test in order to charge you with a DUI. If they can prove facts that...
Can I reschedule tomorrow's court date for fines owed on a DUI case?
I have already been charged with DUI 2nd offense last July. I was ordered to attend classes of which I have attended approximately 9 of my 36 that was ordered. I have already completed my 10 day in home incarceration that was ordered. I was not granted a hardship license so it has been a struggle with work. Trying to provide for my family & fines is difficult so I had to take a job traveling which has caused me delay with classes. I still owe a large amount however I'm now an hour away from court tomorrow with work... and my wife's truck is broke down. The company I work for submitted a letter explaining my schedule. I am just really scared I'm going to either go to court be charged with contempt and go to jail immediately. I'm so torn with what to do bc I truely am trying but also need to make sure my family has a roof over their heads as well.
Call the court administrator as early as possible (8am) for clarification on if your hearing date can be rescheduled....
Why do the courts not test for drug use if someone already is wearing a ankle monitor for 2ed DUI?
My concerns is for my grandbaby. A boyfriend is in the home and already has a ankle monitor device that he has to wear for 5 more months. I paid a unexpected visit yesterday and found clear signs that marijuana had been used in the home around my grandbaby. Why don't they test.
Testing or not testing is left to the discretion of the Judge. If the Judge has facts that lead him or her to require...
Is it ok to be arrested for alcohol intoxication,but not getting a breathalyzer or blood work?
I was arrested on my front porch for Ai ..I wasn't given a breathalyzer or blood work,nor read my rights
You can be arrested and convicted of A1 even if you are not given a breath test. Hire a good attorney to defend you.
What to do with reckless driving charge
I was new to downtown area and didn't know/see that I had turned into a one way street. I was only on it for about 30seconds until I was pulled over. Charged with reckless driving. Other than this, my record is clean. What do I do?
Are you certain it is reckless and not careless? Best thing to do is to contact a local traffic attorney. Wishing...
I was charged with trespassing and didn't no I was trespassing, what can I do?
I went fishing with some friends at a pond, the location had no "no trespassing" signs and the front gate was open, there is a abandoned house inside the gate, we were fishing and had a fish and wildlife officer ask to see are fishing license which I have him not knowing it was a couple weeks out of date, and then he said he was going to cite us for trespassing and I let him know we had no idea we were, and if we did we wouldn't have, we weren't hiding and my car was parked out front, the prosecutor said since we went right out and got a current fishing license he wwould drop that charge but the trespassing still stands, I truly didn't know I was trespassing.
You should consult a local criminal defense attorney. He or she can evaluate your case and speak with the prosecutor...