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Is one misdemeanor conviction for dwi horrible to have on your record?
No criminal record prior to dwi.
Well it's all relative. It depends on what you are comparing it to. You should get an attorney and fight to keep your...
Will I get approved for a NY license after Dwi suspension under new law.
I am not sure I have to worry about the new law or not because I really do not understand all the legalities of the new law. So my abstract has Aggravated Unlicensed Operation- Felony, Operating without a license, driving while intoxicated, speeding in zone 100/65. Those are convictions. I have suspensions listed and they are all met except paying the $100 to DMV. I have to do the assessment that is why I may not apply till Fri or Mon. The assessment will not be an issue because I have not had a drink since 8/31/2011 and went through 1 year of treatment (inpatient,halfway house,outpatient). I am on probation and have permission from P.O. to apply and I already have an interlock installed. I have 4 infractions listed on my abstract. Also has any lawyers had success in appeals?
Yes, you need an attorney to simply advise you on your rights and if you appeal the suspension, to present your reasons...
I had a plea deal and one of the courts shows on the DMV website as a failure to appear.
I was convicted in January 2013 (arrest was in July 2011) of DWI. I had plead out because I had gotten two within a week. My plea was for one DWI and they would combine the charges. I plead in Salina court, but in North Syracuse it says on the DMV website I was a no show. I had gotten one in each district. I am on probation and my PO is willing to let me get my license. The lawyer who took care of this has not returned my phone calls. I have tried for the past month to get a hold of them. Is there anything I can do myself to get this straightened out? Are there any free services that I could use? I work part-time and school full-time so I really can not afford to pay some one or does anyone charge on a sliding scale? I have heard this situation is pretty common. Thank you.
It sounds like you entered into a plea in Salina but never hired your attorney for the North Syracuse matter thus...
My mom has 3 DWI charges and has been incarcerated for almost 2 years now and was on probation because she had a alcohol problem
What are her possible outcomes? How long do they usally keep inmates in prison for, for this kind of thing?
More information is required to answer this question. DWI penalties can be severe and result in lengthy state prison...
Is it possible for the judge to be persuaded by my atty to lessen the sentence offered by the D.A. even after Ive been indicted
What is the next step after being indicted? This is my 3rd dwai, its a d felony. Would any of you be willing to take my case in upstate NY?
The Judge only has control of your sentence if you plead guilty to the indictment and the sentence must be in the range...
3 duai they offered me 1 to 3 what will happen if i dont take the first offered .will it go down if i get a new lawyer
yes it is a class D felony yes i have 3 within 8 years yes i hit a mailbox
An answer would be speculation. Perhaps a new lawyer can offer things about you that the current lawyer hasn't thought of.
This is my 3rd duai within 10 year they offered 1-3 i did hit a mailbox its a class D felony can i get 6mos an 5year probation
yes i hit a mailbox .yes this my 3rd one within 10 year 8 years from my first one .yes it is a class D felony
Assuming you are not a predicate, I believe that the Judge could give you a 6 month split over the DA's objection. You...