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Can I still drive with a dui I haven't been to court over yet
I got pulled over for dui I was wanting to ask if I could still drive my car until my court date
You have only been charged with a DUI, you have not be convicted. You may still drive pending the outcome of your case.
What will judge In Tennessee give me for a DUI?
I live in Texas never been to jail or have any criminal background. I came to visit friends and got a Dui in Tennessee so I'm awaiting my court date. I don't have money for a lawyer. What is the judge likely to give me I'd hate to be stuck in Tennessee for awhile.
No way to really answer that question without a lot more information. But if you cannot afford an attorney you at least...
What will happen if I was driving in Tennessee with a revoked license and had a crash with only my vehicle nobody else?
I was driving because my fiancé had alcohol and I was the only available person to drive
You will likely get a citation for driving on a revoked license. If you get lucky, you might get an officer who feels...
DUI with fire arm in Tennessee.
I was arrested for a DUI and I had forgot that my gun was in the back seat as it was covered under other stuff. The officer asked if I had anything in the car and after thinking about it I remembered that the gun was in there. This is my first offence and I've never done anything wrong before. what am I looking at as far as punishment?
This is a serious charge, so, you really need to contact a local DUI attorney.
Can I get a license in Tennessee if Michigan license is suspended and will I be arrested?
I have a suspended license in Michigan. I moved to Tennessee. I paid the tickets that suspended my license but have a driving on a suspended that I didn't take care of & now that suspended my license. Michigan & Tennessee are not part of the compact, so can I get a license here? Also when/if they issue a bench warrant am I going to be picked up? I have a special needs child & I'm a single parent. I'm scared. I am 10 hrs away from city issuing warrant. Thanks
You should try in Tennessee. There is a very low chance that you will be arrested on a bench warrant at the DMV,...
Tn seized my vehicle because someone else was driving it on revoked license due to DUI. What rights do I have?
What do I need to confront Nashville"s DA prior to the hearing? If no settlement can be reached, what do I need to prepare for the hearing to better my chances of regaining possession of said vehicle. The driver and I are co-owners of vehicle. therefor, both of our name's are on the tittle of the vehicle. No arrest was made of the driver. Driver was cited for driving on revoked and will be dismissed when valid license are presented at next court date.
You should consult an attorney who does forfeitures. I've done a few of these and they can get a bit complicated. I'm...
Dui with child in car, no insurance , blood will show illegal drugs controlled substance and alcohol.
I hit a vehicle in front of me and when cops got to the scene they smelled alcohol on my breath and i failed a field sobriety test. they also found illegal drugs and possession without prescription. I refused the breath test and they obtained a warrant to draw my blood at the local hospital. My sister in law had to come and pick my two year old up from the scene. The jail only had me bond out on possession without a prescription. So am i not getting a dui? they never charged me with not having car insurance either. Will these charges be brought up after blood work gets done, Can they add more charges when i go to court? is this a felony in the state of tn?
All these things can mount, yes. Child endangerment. DUI. Possession. Obstruction. Hire counsel and stay off...