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Anyone ever get a dui and a reckless driving in Washington? Blew a 0.148. First time offense
Got pulled over under the influence and got a reckless driving ticket too.
Is your question "is it possible to be convicted of DUI and reckless driving from the same offense?" If so, the answer...
Can a sibling with the same blood type use it and put methamphetamine in a syringe to set me up?
I am being framed and want to stop it
Q: Can a sibling with the same blood type use it and put methamphetamine in a syringe to set me up? A: I suppose....
I believe my son was wrongly convicted of DUI. The jury felt so also-they were crying and unhappy having to convict.
My son was convicted on DUI after the arresting officers got 3 readings of 0 in the field and 5 more at the station of invalid sample-magically the 9th test came back with a reading of .14. This was 5 minutes before the 2 hour limit was due to expire. It was all quite shady and the jury came in complaining about how the process was put to them to handle. They were either crying or had something to say to an attorney, judge or us. Is this appealable?
Any judgment is appealable but you don't state what the grounds would be so I caan't pass on the likely success of an...
How does it Impact me when cited for DUI
I was pulled over for speeding when giving a intoxacated friend a ride home, my car has been impounded, I was cited, never arrested, taken to the jail, not booked, not fingerprinted, released to take a cab home, with no signature or acknolagement that I was even arrested
You need to schedule a consultants on with a DUI attorney. Your question doesn't have anywhere close to enough details...
How do I resolve my dui license suspension after moving out of state?
I committed a dui in Washington and shortly before my probation ended I was told that my treatment provider discharged me for noncompliance even though she had told my probation officer and I something different. Now I am in California and am wondering if I can go to AA or a co occurring group (like I was going to in WA) or do I have to follow California's dui program?
This is a question for your attorney, probation and the court. The court can allow you to do a number of different...
How do I avoid the ignitions lock required by Washington state when you get a DUI in another State?
Last year I got a DUI in Idaho with a Washington state Licence. Have not lived in Washington for the past two and 1/2 years. The Idaho judge did not require an ignitions lock, just classes, volunteer work and fees to be paid. I was never notified that I needed a ignitions lock from Washington. I tried to get my Idaho licence today, and they told me I could not till my suspension was lifted from Washington. I reinstated my licence in Idaho ($500 to do so) two weeks ago and have been driving since, thinking i was legal to drive. Possibly WA has some avenue for me to surrender my WA license and clear the suspension. Also my WA licence expires today.
I am not following your concern/question because you said you got a Idaho Drivers License. I assume that means that...
If my d.u.i was back in 2008 and they decide to motion to revoke..How much time will they give me?
No law or traffic violations in last 5 years...I need to work to live and provide, not have 3 groups a week..
Are you on a defered prosecution or diversion