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I am a Michigan Sobriety Court Participant through District Court in Oakland County. I have been in the program since Nov. 2013.
Is it appropriate, while excelling in the program(no sanctions, all aspects of program completed early with maximum points) to request that the judge release me early given my flawless progression through the program? I have a camera breathalizer in my car which is eligible for removal per the state after Oct. 11, 2014. I have no violations on the device. Per the court's program, the earliest I can be eligible for graduation would be February 2015. I am currently waiting to be moved to the final phase of the program, which will require nothing more than attendance at 3 AA meetings a week for 6 months(all other requirements have been met ahead of schedule and all fines were paid when I entered the program), Is there a minimum time per state law that one must be in a Sobriety Court?
Off the top of my head, I am not sure if the judge CAN allow you to "graduate" early. That said, my understanding of...
False/positive reading on my ignition interlock device...
My year of having the device on my car is almost up and im getting nervous the state wont allow me to remove it. Over the past few winter months ive had 2 instances where the device say i tested positive for alcohol on a rolling retest, but i have always retested after it reboot for 2 mins and i pass and can restart my car and be fine for the rest of the rolling test. Since having my first false/positive ive had my device calibrated and have not heard anything from SOS about violating or anything like that for months now. Should i be worried about this? Help!
You should hire an attorney who specializes in Driver License Restoration law to contact the IID company to secure...
I SO VERY appreciate the guidance you have afforded me in the past. i have 3 dui convictions in michicigan and license provoked
i received 3 dui's in about 2 years (maybe even less - can't recall). my last dui was in 1995, my license was revoked for 10 yearsn and i served one year in jail. i have a lawyer who feels he get my driving priviledges restored. HOWEVER - I think moving offenses come off a driving record after 7 years. does this hold true for dui charges? can i approach a secretary of state agent for a vehicle regisration and an autombile agent showing i have no points? my insurance rates would be much lower however, will my dui be taken into account regarding insurance rates? i have not driven and have maintained a healthy sobriety since 1995.
OWI convictions don't disappear. Your license is currently revoked and you will have to do an administrative hearing to...
Getting a hardship license. In Michigan when its revoked in florida
I have moved to Michigan and have gone through the hardship hearing for Florida and got approved. But how do I go about getting a hardship in mi because I still have a hold on my license from Florida but need to drive in Michigan
You are going to have to go through a similar hearing and show whatever extreme hardship you will suffer by not being...
Spent the night in jail after failing PBT and FST, was released without any ticket, will i get something in the mail? How long?
My car slid into a ditch on my neighborhood dirt roads, some neighbor called the police (im guessing) and they asked if i was drinking and i complied, they gave me field sobreity tests that im guessing i failed cause he arrested me (never read my rights), then gave me a PBT in the car and i blew a .19. Taken straight to the hospital for a blood test that i wasnt told about then taken straight to jail for the night, released 5 hours later with no ticket, only my paper temporary license. What am i expecting? Something in the mail? Who should i call to find out anything on this?
If the blood test comes back showing alcohol in your system and especially an illegal level of alcohol you can expect...
Still charged with DUI?
My Mother was visiting South Lyon MI and got pulled over for her tail light being out. A road side test was conducted and she failed her breathlyzer with .19 BAC. Cop told her that he didn't want to deal with her passenger (was passed out and vomited) so he was not going to arrest her but car was impounded. He gave her a ticket for Tail lights being out and improper turn. Will she still get charged for a dui if not arrested?
If there was no arrest and no evidentiary chemical test was given, it sounds like she may have dodge a huge missile....
I have a dui 3 wondering if my bond would be continued I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do
I have a $25,000 personal Bond and I was wondering when I get arraigned in Circuit Court if my bond would be continued I've been doing everything that I'm supposed to.I've already done everything in District now it's bound over to circuit
The only answer we can give is probably. Is that enough?