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Recently pulled over for dui on 9/22/13 pa. Want to know if I can take nclex? State board asked me to give personal statement.
Pulled over for dui. Notified state board about arrest and they asked for personal statement so I wrote one and sent out recently. Want to know what chances are for being able to take nclex. I blew a .117 and was very compliant with police
If by nclex, you are referring to the nursing examination, your question is more properly addressed to the state board....
Independant blood test for dui (Pa.), if no complaint by officer was filed, how do i get my own Blood test prior to pre-trial.
Been over 3 weeks of arrest and no complaint filed for dui ,at the Local Magistrate by arresting officer. Do i have a right to do Independant blood test? With no Record of arrest. Dont think i have a way to ask for independant test. will i be assumed guilty at pre-trial? If a summons come and shows i was at .08 % or over. Is there a 5 day rule for complaint filing or can the officer wait for blood test results then file the complaint? Then i get suprised at pre-trial and no way to try to get charges dismissed by an indepentant test that may or may not show a lower BAC? I didnt want to call the police station. at this point, i have no clue of any other charges. Only that i was taken for blood test
It can often take a number of weeks before charges are filed in many counties. Issues can arise with whether someone...
PA. DUI. Does the arresting officer have to file a compaint to the district attorney with-in 5 days of release date
I was arrested appox. 3 weeks ago for dui, then released. I attempted to find my arrest online, Using the Magisterial district court docket sheets for the county i was arreested in. I found nothing? Was trying to see if it was worth getting an attorney or use public defender.. The above question has to do with Rule 130(d).But i am not sure if that means(5) days after i was released after doing blood test . or it means 5 days after pre-trial?? No paperwork was mailed to me yet. Can failure to file a complaint in 5 days dismiss the charges?
Failure to file a complaint timely can be a win in some cases. That said, many exceptions to the rule apply. If you are...
DUI ,Confused on Implied consent in PA.. Do you have the Right to refuse blood test? Do the officers have to read that to you?
Was not told the protable reading, after asking for it 2 times. I took blood test. But my question is "do i have the right to be read or notified that i can refuse?" I understand the penility is highest for refusing.Was this ever used as a defense -to get the blood test thrown out? I was read nothing at All. just followed officers orders.
Officers are never required to inform a person that they can refuse consent to any type of search, be it a search of...
After a DUI Arrest ,do officers have to file a complaint in 5 days? If so where? This happened in Pennsylvania.Read this online
I was arrested for Dui. I assume i was ,they handcuffed me and took me for blood test. never told me i was under arrest or anything read to me. Then i was released. 1st offense so i am a little obsessed about it. They explained papers will come in mail. is there any procedure they have to follow? Is there anywhere i can call to check? Being left with no information is like torture. i Understand the blood test will take time.I don't know if a complaint has to be filed in 5 days , I read that online.
It can often take weeks in the counties before an individual recieves the papers. Once you recieve the papers you...
My attorney's license is being suspended for 3 months, during 2 cases I can't afford to pay a new retainer. What are my options.
She is involved in my master of divorce hearing that we just went to court today over. Also we have a court date for a civil suit appeal, which is scheduled for 3 days after her supreme court hearing.
Wait a minute... Your attorney is suspended and you went to court with her today??? If so, this is a big, big...
If I am convicted of a 2nd dui in AK with the 1st holding an Alaska DL and second with a PA license will it be 1st in PA or 2nd
I now live in PA and will continue to hold a PA license.
If I understand your question, you are asking what affect an Alaska conviction for DUI will have on your PA License?...