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How do I fight a DUI case against me and also get my license back?
I went out to party in NYC had a few extra drinks, decided to drive the friend (he had a few drinks as well) back home in NJ. I got stopped by a traffic police for turning right at a red light (illegal in NYC; legal in NJ, if "no turn on red" sign is not posted). Officer performed a breath analyzer test and reported the alcohol level was 0.11 (legal limit is 0.08). I was taken to the station for further tests and I failed the breath analyzer test but passed the coordination test. I kept a clean driving record since I started driving at age 17. This is my first time offence. The judge suspended my license in NY and I am going to presume that it is suspended in NJ as well. The date of the case has been set for 3/15, I have been asked to take the alcohol abuse screening scheduled for thursday 2/2. I would like to know if I have a fighting chance of staying out of prison and also any chance I can get my license back also if I can reduce these charges to something a bit closer to a violation taking into consideration my driving record also my work / academic standing?.
Get local DUI/DWI counsel involved before moving further to best liit the negative fallout from that night.
Dui case
DUI case
Is there a specific question regarding a DUI case you are looking for input on? If you are facing a DUI, do your...
What happens if you fail the first drug test for conditional discharge
It's the first test and I hope I passed but what happens if I didn't ?
If you fail the drug test you will get violated by and your case will be sent back to court where are you will be...
Im from north carolina but i live in nj now but i still got nc driver license i got a dui sleeping in car
I was at my girlfriends house she just had bought a house i was helping her paint and we were drinking, we got into an argument about the paint not being right on the moldings it was very tense so i left upset went and parked in some neighborhood just to clear my mind i was very tired from trucking but i helped so i pulled over in that neighborhood and went to sleep in car that night later next morning cop knocks on window and said someone called and said i was parked in front of their house on a one way street facing wrong way car was off but keys was in ignition they made me do sobriety test and blow .15 do i have a chance at all my lawyer i hired is telling me i have no chance but i left house to get away from violence
I would listen to your lawyer as he knows the facts of your case the best, as we only have a few lines of facts. The...
Suspended license what can i do.
OK so this is the situation i had a DUI march 8th 2011 i never went to get my license again after the court took it the day they gave me all of the charges. i never paid the surcharges neither. my fine was 3100 last time i checked the letter from dmv which it was like a year ago or so ago was 8000, now it should be over 10000. what can i do to pay less than 10000 dollars
I would call the surcharge people and go to court and start a payment plan for the fines. I understand the surcharge...
Can I be illegible for compensation if I been convicted for 5 years imprisonment, spent 4, then my time been redused to 364 day
I was convicted with aggravate assault 2nd degree for 5 years imprisonment with 85%. I spent 4 years in prison and filed a PCR ( post conviction relief ) wich has me as 364. Basically I overdone my time more 1000 days. I would like to file a lawsuit against State of NJ for that 1000+ days, and get some compensation.
There are all kinds of problems with such a suit. You need to speak to a PI or civil rights attorney not a criminal law...
What can I expect the first time I report to probation after sentencing?
Being sentenced on a Friday for a drug case. What will I need to do that day? Will I have to pay fines? Will I have to take a drug test? If I have a dirty test that day will they give me a VOP?
More facts are required to fully answer your question. Is this your first offense? What were the drugs involved and...