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I was convicted of a DUI in Rifle Co. Sentenced to 1 year of Probation . 48 hrs. of community service. 52 hours of Alcohol Therapy . 12 hours of Alcohol Education. I have completed all assignments. I have 4 classes left of Alcohol Therapy. Apparently my Therapy teacher told my Probation Officer I must be on Drugs because I am inattentive in Class. HELP !
"Inattentive" is no violation. Testing positive is. What "ambush" ? You are on probation. Stay drug free.
i plead guilty to a felony theft charge because i was told that was the only way i could get out of jail last year. and i needed to get out to see my wife and children who needed me. also about a week ago i was charged with a dui. i didnt take a b.a. test because i get freaked out when im around cops and im not the most cooperative but i am respectful always.i spent the night in jail and had to have my mother bail me out. on mothers day. horrible. i need help to fight this. i am already on probation and do not need another charge otherwise im sure they will lock me up again. and i cant do that because i have a wife and 2 kids that depend on me. can anyone help me find someone who will help me? im practically broke. but i will pay every last dime i can spare towards getting me out of this.
That is the purpose of the Public Defender's Office, to represent indigent or broke people. There simply will be no way...
i have read that there are no more dui-d laws and they fall under dui statues and dui law still states that i have an elect choice of blood breath or urine.dui-d paragraph dose not state eather way my choice or officers choice of blood urine or saliva. please help me under stand
DUI-D has always been part of the DUI law. The officer chooses, not you.
Was told by colorado state patrole that we stop useing urian as a form of chemical testing when he asked me to give him chemical test.After I refused my road sides
I don't know the exact time frame but it is a trend statewide to move away from urine test in favor of blood tests....
a friend was pulled over for not STOPPING at a flashing yellow traffic signal, although he did slow down. he was told he had to stop for flashing yellow and was given a dui. the law says to treat flashing yellow like a yield sign, do you think he can get thrown out?
Is it possible? YES. Unfortunately, the law governing search and seizure (the stopping of the car) is too complex for...
I got pulled over on suspicion of DUI. I passed FST, PBT, blew .000 BAC. I did have prescription ambien, but it was in the lower end of the therapeutic range. As of now, no conviction. I am worried about this affecting my military career.
Hire an attorney ASAP. You may be able to still do an independent blood test to quantify the amount of ambien in your...
I called Denver Health with a few questions about their consent form and DUI blood draws. I was under the impression that signing or not signing the consent form made a difference, but the lady I talked to says it doesn't matter - what matters is if DPD requests a blood draw and the person is receiving medical treatment they have to consent. This can't be right, can it?
I believe that you are right and the Denver Health person is wrong, IF the event dictating the draw is a standard DUI....