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Can I get get an SD license to avoid two years of the ignition interlock device, four years after a DWAI in CO?
2011: I had my SD license in my wallet that got stolen two weeks before moving to CO. I already had a job lined up and needed a photo ID immediately, so I opted out of my driving privileges for the time being and got a CO ID. When I was in the process of getting my license back (I had a temporary permit) I was pulled over for drinking and driving in Boulder County. I eventually was charged with a DWAI, with a BAC of .173 at the age of 22. I moved to Steamboat and didn't try to get my license reinstated for four years because I didn't have a vehicle, and there's pretty good public transit in my town. However, now at the age of 26 and with a daughter of my own, I need to be able to get around more easily. They told me at the DMV that I still need to get an IID installed for two years, despite having completed everything else for probation. I can't really afford that - I'm a single mom and a full-time student. I had an SD license before.. and even though I'm not really an SD resident, my father still lives there and I probably still get mail to the house. I have completed all other requirements of probation and been discharged, so I am NOT on probation. Can I avoid the IID?
No, you can only get a CO license because you live in Colorado.
Are you required to take an unannounced drug test when your ambushed by your Probation officer on a visit? {unsupervised}.
I was convicted of a DUI in Rifle Co. Sentenced to 1 year of Probation . 48 hrs. of community service. 52 hours of Alcohol Therapy . 12 hours of Alcohol Education. I have completed all assignments. I have 4 classes left of Alcohol Therapy. Apparently my Therapy teacher told my Probation Officer I must be on Drugs because I am inattentive in Class. HELP !
"Inattentive" is no violation. Testing positive is. What "ambush" ? You are on probation. Stay drug free.
When did routt county colorado stop using urine as form of chemical testing for dui-d offenses
Was told by colorado state patrole that we stop useing urian as a form of chemical testing when he asked me to give him chemical test.After I refused my road sides
I don't know the exact time frame but it is a trend statewide to move away from urine test in favor of blood tests....
What would happen if I leave a state I don't reside in for a misdemeanor dui charge?
Got a dui in a state I'm not a resident in. Currently out here for work and work is almost done. I just want to leave and forget about it. I can't afford jail time or the probation part. Working in Denver Colorado and live in Indiana
There are only a few states that do not participate in an agreement to notify all the states of a DUI charge. If you...
Do i really need a lawyer for a DUI in Colorado?
my daughter received a DUI outside of Denver CO and is trying to decide if she needs to hire a lawyer or not. she has never had any offenses or tickets (no speeding tickets, no seat belt tickets, etc) she moved from Virginia to the Denver area in early April 2017 so she is there alone with no family and I really don't have the money to help her with the expenses right now.
For so many reasons, yes, your daughter should not face a DUI charge alone. Perhaps she qualifies for a public defender....
How long does it take to get booked for a dui? Arrested at 3:00 am bond is set but still will not release from jail.
Say they are waiting for background check. How long does it typically take?
Hopefully you are out by now. Booking/intake and release times vary by county, time of day, day of the week, etc. Its...
What will be the possible outcome of my court hearing having 5 charges: DUI, DUI A, Eluding, Speeding and Wreckless Driving?
This is my first time getting arrested. one of the charges is a felony. I dont know what to do. Where can I find a lawyer?
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