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Can I fight the dui charges?
I ram into a truck in a hotel parking lot and fell asleep in my car. I didnt do any damage to the truck and he didnt care. The front desk lady called to police and they came and arrested me for dui. I refused field sobriety test and blood test. The hotel parking lot is private property.
Contact local DUI/DWI counsel to get representation. Use Avvo find a lawyer feature to locate local counsel.
I am already on probation but go offered ARD
in court today I got offered ARD, I have a past criminal record and I am currently on probation.. is it possible to get accepted into the ARD program while on probation..
You should talk with an attorney immediately about this. ARD is generally a first time offender program so most people...
How to get non DUI ARD expunged? Completed ARD program in April in Clarion County.
Earlier this year I was placed on non DUI ARD for False Identification charges and an underage drinking and criminal trespassing charge were Nolle Prossed. I completed Non DUI ARD in April 2014. I want to expunge it, but I have no idea how. My probation officer was no help and my Pubic Defender was no help either. I went to the court house in Clarion, PA and they were of no help to me either and were confused. How do I get it expunged?
There are rules of procedure you must follow. You may also need a complete criminal history record from the police. I...
If a police officer suspects you are DUI can he follow you for 5 miles into your driveway with no lights or sirens on
I felt threatened not knowing who had followed me home and I got put with a gun I was in fear gpr my life
The simple answer is that there was nothing illegal with the facts as you presented them. If you are charged, you...
At an ARD hearing is it likely the Judge will ask if anyone has been arrested since the original DUI arrest?
I'm curious what questions might have to be answered or if the hearing is simply proceedural?
It depends on the county, some will outright ask, some will ask that you sign a document saying you have no other...
My friend is an LPN got pulled over for Dui in Clarion County Pa. Will she lose her nursing license? Should she get a lawyer?
She got pulled over and blew a .1 something (she can 't remember) and they took her for a bac. She is conserned...she has a clean record no priors no speeding tickets.
I don't know about her nursing licensure issues, but I do know that she may be eligible for ARD. She needs to hire a...
How to find out if DUI expunged after ARD in PA
I received a DUI in Clarion County in 1994 or 1995. I went through the ARD program in Centre County, and have read that my DUI should be automatically expunged after 7 or 10 years but that some counties don't do this as they should. How do I find out if my criminal record has been cleared? Is there someone I need to call? I'm not interested in buying this information online at various websites I have seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
You may perform a background search through the State where criminal records are maintained. If it was expunged, it...