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Arrested for DUI but no paperwork?
Hi, I was smoked marijuana and half an hour later state police pulled me over. He asked if I was smoking and I said yes. After he run some finger and walking tests on me. Then they take me to hospital and take my blood. Then we go to police station and they call my friend and release me. They didn't tell me anything, not give any paperwork and they give me back my drivers license too. Should I be worried? Can I expect something ?
You are most likely going to be charged with a. DUI. I would retain an attorney to minimize the charges against you....
What does 6 months of Intermediate Punishment entail? Do I have to wear the bracelet that long or only for the 30 days?
DUI - living in Fayette County, PA...dui in Westmoreland County but transferred to Fayette County
An Intermediate Punishment or (IP) sentence is strutted to represent a mixed sentence. For example, If your sentence is...
What does intermediate punishment 6 months, 30 days H.E.M. mean in PA order of court/sentence?
In a Court of Common pleas for dui
Most likely 30 days HEM means 30 days of home electronic monitoring - instead of prison and probation for 6 months.
Will i get a dui if the police officer only does a field sobriety breathalyzer test then took me home?
The officer stopped me because of a suspended plate, did a field sobriety test and one breathalyzer where i was stopped. Then the officer took me home, should i be concerned about getting a dui charge or would bloodwork be required to give me a dui?
Technically, a DUI could be filed, but since no blood test was done, I believe you are OK. The only way to be sure is...
My dui &other charges(added on), because of a blood test, got dismissed. The officer got deployed. Can my records be seen?
The arresting officer got deployed for a minimun of a year. My case was dismissed, but can employers and educational institutes see my charges and record even though everything was officially dismissed?
If there was a criminal complaint issued and/or you were fingerprinted, there is still a criminal record. It may...
How much would a criminal lawyer cost and how much time could he get
my son has int poss contr subst by person not reg, manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, use/poss of drug paraph, no rear lights and dui controlled substance or metabolite 1st offense
Lawyers don't usually quote fees when responding questions. I will say a DUI can run $3,500 and up itself. Many of us...
Should I plead guilty or not guilty of my second underage charge?
I got an underage drinking charge, paid my fines and graduated from my classes so I wouldn't lose my license. Shortly after that I received another underage drinking charge. I am guilty, but what should I do? How long will I lose my license?
It is unclear from your question whether you were convicted of the first underage drinking charge. It sounds like you...