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2Nd dui
What`s the average price a lawyer will charge for defending a second dui with speeding..
The answer to your question is not as simple as it seems. The cost depends on many factors such as the quality and...
Would I be able to qualify for DACA, if I get my DUI expunged?
In 2010 I got my First and only DUI, I paid my fines and did all that was required by the Court in the state of California. I have a high school diploma and have been here since I was 6.
Congratulations on taking care of everything. While we could assist in the filing of the Petition for Dismissal per PC...
2 dui
I've had 2 bench warrants for dui and I didn't go to court , both are misdemeanors its been 2 years since it happened I just never went to court if I go with an attorney can I get detained.
We've answered your question before in a slightly similar form. You could be remanded.
Hire an attorney? Odds of winning dmv hearing?
Was arrested for 1st dui, breath test .11 and retested at station breath results .12. Went to court for initial court date. Police Paperwork hasn't been submitted yet. Should I hire an attorney? DMV hearing is in 2 weeks. Trying to avoid a double suspension. Odds of winning dmv hearing? Help I'm very overwhelmed.
No one can give you odds of winning. While there could be a rising blood alcohol defense for both the DMV and criminal...
How do I get through this with the least damage to me and my wallet. what should I do?
so I was arrested for 23152vac 23152vac 14601.1vac. my license was suspended for not having insurance. I have no prior conviction or misdemeanors against me I am 26 years old never even gotten a speeding ticket. the arrest took place in Manhattan beach in a very hilly area were I was told to take a sobriety test. then a breathalyzer twice. there was a passenger in the car who also failed the breathalyzer after I was handcuffed. Don't remeber being read my Miranda rights. didn't even know why I was arrested for untill I googled the violations.
There are a lot of other facts that must be determined about your case before concrete answers can be given. I suggest...
Can a lawyer in California help me to obtain a driver's license in California?
I am looking for a lawyer to help me to obtain driving privilege in California. I had a driver's license in Virginia but revoked in 2003 because of my 3rd DUI conviction. VA DMV told me to petition to court, get evaluation from ASAP advisor and some other things in order to restore my driving in Virginia. I would like to apply for the CA driver's license regardless of my situation in Virginia.
You need to clear up the mess in VA.
Can I be issued a DUI under these circumstances?
Yesterday I was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. The officer notified me that my BAC was .06. After administering a field sobriety test, the officer placed me under arrest. I was recorded was a BAC of .05 at the station and released about 7.5 hours later. I was given back my ID, as well as a yellow citation. I was told by the DMV when scheduling a hearing to keep my license from being suspended, that I should have received a pink sheet that served as a temporary license. I did not receive one. I am curious as to what my charges may end up being. I always thought that you needed to have a BAC of .08 of higher to be issued a DUI. Also, the officer told me that she pulled me over because it looked like I was tailgating the car in front of me. I was actually following my girlfriend home and drove behind her the whole way to ensure her safety, in case she was feeling tired and may have to pull over. The other concern I have is that I was not read my miranda rights when arrested, which I was under the assumption that my miranda rights must always be read. Any advice on the matter is much appreciated.
You best bet is consult with an attorney face to face and give them all of the details related to your arrest. If you...