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Can I get a DUI expunged in PA?
I pleaded nolo contende to a DUI as part of a Pheonix Docket Management System 7 years ago and have been free of arrests and convictions since. Is it possible to get this expunged in PA?
No, but you can seek a limited access order once 10 years pass from the date when your probation was completed so long...
Do you still get unemployment if you are fired for getting a dui and aggravated assault while dui in Pennsylvania?
My sons father got a dui and aggravated assault while dui in his work truck after getting in an accident in November. He was getting unemployment until the beginning of January but charges were filed in December. He stopped paying his child support and owes back child support now since. He's claiming there was an error in his paperwork and that's why it stopped. I think it's because of the accident that he's no longer getting unemployment. Can you please give me some information to help my child?
If he was fired for having a DUI in a company vehicle combined with assault charges in the same incident, it is...
If there is no DUI refusal form paperwork and the police release you one hour after you were arrested can you be charged with a
Got in an accident because of deer ran out in front of me hit a telephone pole and was charged with a DUI refusal and also reckless driving and careless driving. No DUI refusal form paperwork was filled out and the police released me one hour after I was put in the holding cell and they told me I had to walk home if I had no ride.
An oral refusal is the same as a written one. That said, get a lawyer ASAP to defend you.
How would PA and WV recognize a first offender DUI received in NC?
I am currently charged with a DUI in the state of NC. I am a resident in NC as well. My BAC was .15 or .16 I cannot remember exactly. I passed my sobriety test so we are hoping this does not even interfere but I want to have all my options explained. I plan on moving to PA or WV within the next few months. I have no prior record or issues. If convicted, which state has fewer/lesser penalties for a first time DUI offender? How would I go about getting a new DL? How long would my lisence be suspended? Would an interlock system be required and if so how long? I read WV provides options, is that true? I just want to move on from this unfortunate event and continue living my life.
You don't choose which state where you receive the DUI penalty. If you received a DUI in North Carolina, then that is...
Can my husband purchase a hand gun in Pa with DUI record?
My husband tried to get a permit to carry a hand gun and was denied because 35 years ago he had 3 Dui,,,'s now he wants to buy a hand gun and does not want to because he does not want to be turned down for something that happened 35 years ago!
Perhaps no, but it depends on the grading of the convictions. He should have an experienced criminal defense lawyer...
Trying to find help paying off DUI fines in pgh pa
Eligible to have license. Just need to pay fines first, but can't afford to.
You need to file a Petition with the Court to have the fines waived. I suggest you hire a local attorney or speak to...
What happens if I violate ard program before it even started
I was pulled over and received a simple possession charge a week before my introduction to the ard program for a previous dui charge..what's the best course of action from here?
You should immediately contact your attorney for the underlying charges or probation officer if you have one. Majority...