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Will there be a problem if I leave the state (oregon) for just the weekend to travel to Texas?
I got a DUI in oregon, and I am currently doing the diversion program. I will be finished with diversion on April 26 but I plan on travelling to Texas in mid April just for the weekend. I spoke with my counselor and she stated it was ok as long as I made it to diversion class. But would there be any issues with the court?
There's no way for us to be able to tell you the answer to this based only off a few lines you wrote over the internet....
Do i get a free attorney before my hearing dec 27 or after and do i plead guilty or not? I just dont want jailtime
I drank at home with ny fiancee took the dog out notice i didnt have smokes went to a gas station which was 2 minutes away and parked and got out when i noticed a cop behind me and told me to get back in. They did tests on me and beiny my fault i had bigger shoes on and i must of failed. They searched my car and found small shot drinks which was closed. When i got pulled over i thought it was befause1 i swerved because my puppy came onto my lap. They took me to their office made mw blow several times i believe like 10 times. Then they released me. The ticket says dui it doesnt not state i was careless driving or swerving or anything. I dont they had a cause to pull me over. This is my second dui.. I was gulity on my first one it was my birthday but never again did i do this i just cant afford a attorny again.court appearance is dec 27 i want to plead not guilty and i also want to know is that when i ask for a lawyer or before?
A good lawyer will advise you to plead not guilty, and many take credit cards, get one
National Drivers Registry. My licence is current, but I am worried about my next renewal.I had 4 lifetime DUI's over 30 yrs
I took all the classes, My first DUI was in 1984, 2nd 1985, 3rd 1991, all were misdemeanors. Number 4 was in 2003 in Maryland, but I had a Florida licence, I paid my fee and fine to Maryland, went to classes. it was also a Misdemeanor. Moved to Tennessee and got a licence there, I was clear in Maryland. Does Florida still have me as suspended? Since I was suspended in both states technically? Do You think Florida will try to revoke my now Oregon licence? They have a lifetime revocation on the 4th, no mater when it was.. Thanks. I'm sure this is ..I don't drink and am a single Father. So I need to keep my licence. This is all scary. I fell I did my time, And also would have defended the other charges in the 80's. I just pled guilty., I know better now.
The interstate compact between each state's DMVs has been a nightmare. Some people are suspended while others seems to...
I would like to email to the judge trying my dads case tomorrow, would it help or hurt? how would I find that information?
my dad is going to court tomorrow morning, on my birthday, its his second DUI and the common belief even by him is that he will be doing jail time. I really wat to help him maybe appeal to the judge let him know that my dad definatly understands the seriousness of the situation and without a vehical or a license and mounting bills his life is enough of a prison. he is older and I worry. how do I go about it without it seeming like I am trying to get my dad off scot free?
You cannot just email a judge. Judges cannot consider anything in deciding a case that is not presented in accordance...
DUI and Temporary Emergency Custody
Would a judge be likely to issue Temporary Emergency Custody based on a DUI accident and BAC of .35 and history of DUI?
Kids in the car when arrested? Almost definitely. Is the person in jail? Are they looking at more time in jail?...
My boyfriend in clackamas county jail for felony DUI. How much time he may have, jail or prison.
He have 2 DUI in WA, and that's his 3rd
A felony DUII in Oregon carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 90 days in jail. However, in order to determine if in...
How are there charges when a police report is missing?
A friend was charged with DUI over 10 years ago after using mouth wash. He was recently picked up on a bench warrant for FTA on that DUI. But there's no police report to be found. How can he still be charged?
Police reports can virtually always be "found." Out in Gresham I know a lawyer who was ordered (!) to provide his...