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I was serving a 1 year hard suspension for DUI. The charges were never filed and it being an unfortunate second I had to wait it out. No classes required since no charge but suspension. My one year was up 12/6. Mandatory actions said I have to pay 120 reissue fee. I am short on money so if I get pulled over would be consider "driving on suspension" or "driving without license"? Thank you much.
until your license is reinstated the license is suspended. Not only will you have to pay the hundred and twenty five...
my car was stolen then in a high speed chase. apparently 1 suspect was caught and 2 got away. The officers claim my b/f was the driver and got away. He has a evading officer case from18 years ago where he was shot and nearly died and injuries from that oncident wouldnt let him run the way the suspect he was with me when this crime happened. He has now been in jail over a month and has tonow prove his innocence. He has a pd right now cause we simply cant afford a lawyer, but id hate to see him stuckin prison forsomethingsomeone else has done.
What's your question?
I am a green card holder, I just got a first DUI and I was planning to apply for citizenship in May. Can I still do that succesfully? If my citizenship application is denied, can I apply for permanent residency for a family member?
In our experience, usually filing for Citizenship right after a DUI is not advisable (especially if you get probation)....
I was parked in a public parking lot standing outside, near the rear of my vehicle with the keys in my pocket, when a cruiser approached me and gave me a dui. blew .176
Sounds likes you have a good case to fight.
Husband got a dui on july 16 2011 we have not received any papers still. He rolled his car and went to the hospital not jail he was on a stretcher with kneck brace and other injurys. There was a paper my husband doesnt remember what it was but he was unable to read it so he didnt sign it. We know he is guilty and will pleade no contest so how will an attorney help the cituation .
Yes an attorney will help. With an accident there is always potential jail time and many times an attorney can limit or...
He hasnt got any court date or anything and we have no idea what to do he wanted to keep his license t go to work and we want to know does he have to go to dmv after his ourt date to request that? also do you thik he ll have jail time since he never went that night
One of the issues he faces is that it has been 15 days since the date of the DUI and accident. It is unclear to me if...