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Should my husband bond out of Texas to turn himself in to probation in Miss.? His bond is $20,000.
He was traveling with a permit from Miss. to Texas while on probation. 2004 he was convicted of a DUI was sentenced to SAFP and 10 years probation. (the 10 years was his idea) He transferred his probation from Texas to Miss. While traveling he pulled into a service station and while standing by the gas pump a drug task force agent pulled up and asked him where was the tag for the camp trailer he was pulling. He said he didn't have one but had the bill of sale we had just bought the trailer. Officer said it wasn't good enough and said he thought he smelled alcohol. My husband refused to blow, the officers asked him where were the drugs. They searched the pickup and my husband submitted to a blood test. They did find a empty beer can in the back floorboard. Should he try to bond out?
You should hire a Criminal Defense Attorney tomorrow and discuss this with him/her, this is important. No one on this...
My friend was sentenced to prison after receiving a MTR for felony DWI
My friend received SafeP with about four years probation. She had around nine months left and was arrested for 3rd DWI Felony. Her probation was revoked and was sentenced to redo her five years and sent to prison. About a year in the case was dismissed. She did not make her first parole. Is it possible to get this presented to the courts to get her sentence dropped and IS THIS NOW FALSE IMPRISONMENT her charge was dismissed 9-2016 and has now been approved for her second parole and looking to be released 2-17 SHOULD HER MRT BE DISSMISSED AS WELL AND THERE BE NO PAROLE
No, you are confused. The new case which triggered the MTRP has been dismissed but her current incarceration is not...
Interlock in home violation
I am on 2 years probation for dwi 2 in texas. I have been on probation for 5 months and passed all breath tests until last night i had a piece of pizza and not thinking about the yeast in the bread blew in my in home and violated it then took the test 2 minutes later and passed and took another test immediately after and passed once again. Do I need to call an attorney i called smart start and noted the situation and plan to call my probation officer monday because this happened on the weekend. Just FYI I have paid all fines and probation fees for my full 2 year term and completed my 80 hours of community service and going to AA and also half way through my mandatory repeat offenders course. I guess what I am asking is can this land me in jail for something silly like pizza.. thank you
Didn't Myth Busters do an episode on food causing positives and said it isn't true? The pizza defense is a new one to...
If I plea guilty to an obstruction of highway charge and get one year probation, What come with the probation?
I was arrested for DUI even though I wasn't driving at the time nor was I drinking. I had called the police to escort my wifes cousin out of the house because I did not want him there. The officer said he smelled alcohol on my breath and called DPS to do a subrity test. I did the field test but the DPS officers breathalizer machine was broken so he took me to jail where I was to submit to a blood test. The put me in a cell and forgot about me. So no test was ever taken. I have a lawyer but he isn't sure how a jury will react to my word against the officers. I was not drinking nor driving but I am worried that jurrors always side with officers. Should I take the plea or go to trial? It has been over a year and now that it is time for trial they want me to take this plea. What should I do?
I would ask you lawyer about the options you have. It sounds like a very winnable case in front of a jury, but I have...
License suspended with a DWI,But my offense was a DUI?
I got a letter saying that my alcohol level was .08 or more (DWI) but my offense was a DUI
In Texas, you are charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you are an adult (over 17). If you are under 17, then...
Will they deny me if I have a dismissed DWI?
My job is paying for me to get my notary. I have submitted payment, my application and I have a DWI that was dismissed, so I submitted that dismissal! I haven't received it and am scared they will deny me! Should I be worried or will I be okay? My record is very clean no tickets for anything just that DWI but I took care of it! It's been a nightmare..
If the DWI was dismissed, you should be fine. The third requirement to be a notary public in Texas is that you "Must...
I got a dwi while on parole?
I bn on parole for two yrs I still have six months left and on sat 15 2017 I was arrested while walking out of a store with a lottery ticket on hand nothing else an officer pull me to the side n started asking me questions and then he took me to jail n gave me a dwi but he never pull me over how can I fight this I cannot go to jail
There are many fine attorneys around DFW. Hire the best one you can to beat the DWI and then see if you need to deal...