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Can dismiss my DUI charge?
I was arrested I don't believe I was read my rights I did do a field sobriety test I did not get any information regarding my arrest no ticket or anything. It was after the release of my detainment I was issued my personal belongings and a receipt of my Bail Bonds but I never did receive any information on the officer's report the ticket or anything there was nothing in my baggage returned back to me. If you can give me any suggestions or any help I would like to dismiss my charges if all possible I was given some information through a friend of mine and I wanted to know if I can use this information in court to dismiss my case
Being read your rights - i.e. being "Mirandized" - is only relevant to the extent that the government wants to...
Can can I use a 995 motion to dismiss a DUI charge in the state of California?
I was arrested on May 8th for DUI charge I fell into an embankment because of poor site on the road and I hit a box in the embankment was not able to leave the scene or move the vehicle because it wasn't an embankment a police officer showed up because of the incident and I think I may be in from bump my head or I don't remember whatever the case I don't remember all of his questions I do remember him asking me to do a field sobriety and he had me blow in a device and he says oh you're hot your blood your points are well over one point something he put me in handcuffs I was put into a car take it to the police station and booked I was not arraigned or was not ever arraigned I released myself on bail but I wanted to know if I could talk to someone regarding possibly dismissing my case because there was no criminal activity
No, you are mixing up apples and oranges. Consult with an hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent...
Apparently I got a DUI went to court but everything was marked off calendar
I still have a hearing with the DMV in two weeks do I let them know that my court hearing was marked off calendar so it can get dismissed or what do I do
The DMV and the court are two different entities. You will still need to defend your DMV hearing. Also you may want to...
Arrested for DUI. Blew .055. Officer gave license back. Criminal Record & DMV record questions.
I was pulled over for "fluctuating speeds" and a "flickering license plate light". One thing that puzzles me is how the CHP stated I was going 85mph on the fwy but he was 2 lanes to the right of me and ahead of me. After field sobriety tests, i took a breathalyer test and blew a .08. I was then arrested and opted to take another breathalyzer test at the CHP HQs. I blew a .055. Upon booking, he didnt take my license and stated they "rarely" give licenses back after arrest. I am hoping the DMV will withdraw or set aside my case and the DA will not file or dismiss my case. If all goes well, I understand that my arrest will stay on my DMV record and my criminal record will be clear. For future employment, can i still say, "No" i have not been arrested and/or convicted of any crimes? Also, with this arrest on my DMV record (assuming it gets withdrawn at the hearing), will my insurance premiums still go up? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Assuming the chemical test at the police station is the "evidentiary" test you should not have any problems at the DMV,...
What happens if i got arrested for a DUI and my Extreme hardship waiwer was aproved and i was just waiting for my appointment?
How my DUI will affect me on my case on immigration.
A DUI doesn't make you inadmissible, but you could have problems with discretion and also with the medical exam before...
Are there any low income DUI attorneys in San Diego?
The charges are, DUI:Drug M, Driveing on a suspended licence M, Hit and run property damage M, and Parole Revocation.
If you can't afford a private attorney, you will most likely qualify for the services of the Public Defenders Office....
Will I have to serve jail time for a 2nd dui ?
I blew a .168 this is my 2nd dui my first dui was 5 years ago.I also got in trouble for domestic violence 3 years ago.
Are you still on probation on the first Dui? Custody time is mandatory by law with a prior. There is alternatives that...