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I am in the same situation, I do not drink or am not abusing my meds! How can I beat this. I WASN'T GIVEN ANY SOBRIETY TESTS, HE SIMPLY ASK ME TO GIVE BLOOD OF COURSE I COMPLIED. HOW CAN I BEAT THIS
A second DUI in three years? If you have any chance of "beating this", it lays with your TN DUI attorney.
What is SB38 program
What is SB38 program
18 month multiple offender alcohol program.
I was pulled over 3 months ago was got for driving on a revoked first offense wondering what can happen.
I did not know they were revoked at the time. They gave me 90 days to get them back but I had a job let me go and I found another a month later I've got my sr22 coverage and turned in my owner report and affidavit now all I have is reinstatement fee which I have half of but won't have the other half till the next Friday after court on Wednesday want to know what might happen
Unfortunately… Every jurisdiction is different. Since the jurisdiction is not in your question, it's difficult to...
My daughter was charged with DUI, on her way to work in July 2014. How long does she have to wait for "speedy" justice?
She has never had a traffic ticket. The officer had blood drawn at the jail and it was sent to TBI. She went back to court in Jan. 2015. "Drug results are not back yet" New date set for April. She hasn't hired an attorney because she didn't have drugs in her system. She was honest with the officer when he asked and told him she had taken her sleep medication early that morning. This was around 3PM. The judge told her she needed to prove to him that she has spoken to 4 attorneys and that she can't afford to pay those attorneys before he would appoint a public defender. After this incident, she lost her job, her home and her dog. She now is working 2 part time jobs and living with her mom. What happened to "innocent until proven guility". The attorney she did consult wanted $2500
I would suggest that you consult with more than one lawyer. In fact, if the judge said four I would follow his orders....
Can I be convicted for DUI for taking a prescribed diet pill ,failed sobriety test due to lack of sleep.
blood alcohol was negative
A DUI does not apply to just alcohol. You may be convicted of a DUI / DWI if you are driving a vehicle in a public...
How long after being charged with a dui in Tennessee does the state have to try you for it?
While the U.S. Constitution guarantees criminal defendants a right to a speedy trial, there is no absolute time frame...
Took to JAIL FOR HAVING PUBLIC PANIC ATTACK cop assumed it was P.I (no sobriety exam or eye exam) is that legal?
as i was walking down the road the heat got to me and I had to sit under the shade/a tree. A woman said something rude to me and we started arguing, they called the cops while still having panic attack cop pulled up and had asked hey what's going on as i walked to her i said okay, this is what happened when i said that, she put cuffs on me, I asked am i going to jail she said maybe she put me in the back of the i thought this was police procedure before she shut the car door I asked her to please turn the air on due to my panic attack I had never been in trouble so my attack was very bad she ignored my plea. the woman police officer had got those i was arguing with side of the story & not mine (later to find out they was snitches i went to jail for PI no question asked or sobriety test
I do not see any rights violations, though your description of the cell you were kept in is a little border. However,...