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the judge said he has to revoke my license for 1 yr. I read on the internet that for cannabis revocations they cant give me a hardship license for 6months, is that true for fleeing and eluding? thnk you
Your public defender did not convict you of anything. Only a judge can convict you.
i went to arraignment and judge told me to get a lawyer. my license was suspendd about 2 months ago for the DUI...i wanted to know if they suspend my license for 6 months, when does the 6 months run, from when it was actually suspended? or from when I am sentenced and convicted if that happens?
The court suspension will run starting the day that you are convicted and will run concurrently with your...
I moved from AL to FL in Sept 2012. I got a DUI in FL with my AL DL in Feb 2013. I hadn't changed my license over yet. I hired a lawyer and had my conviction in August 2012. I lost my license for 12 months in Florida from conviction date, I was eligible for a hardship in November but had to register my car first. I went back to get my hardship in January 2014 but I was told I was placed on the NDR by AL and couldn't get my license until Sept. 2014. I contacted Alabama DMV today (4/3/14), and the person I spoke to told me they could credit me the 6-7 weeks to get my license back but I would need someone to fax them an official statement saying when my license was taken away. My license was taken away when I got the DUI (Feb 2013)... So shouldn't they credit that time from Feb to me?
Apparently you are asking a question of Alabama NOT of Florida law. I suggest that you repost your question and...
i blew a .152 and a .153...i read on the internet that if you blow over .15 than the penalties will be more harsh. in the ticket he wrote me it justsays second degree dui...does that mean i cant be charged for over .15 dui? thansks im looking for an attornwy
Yes, the prosecutor can amend the charge. Look at the statute on your ticket. That is what controls right now. DUI...
i am looking to hire an attorney to fight my dui, iheard that a 6 month itnerlcok device is mandatory for simple dui. Is that true? I am fine with all other conditions but i dont want an interlock device in my car
It depends upon a few factors whether it is mandatory for a first time dui. The main ones are whether the bal is .16 or...
the prosecutors said i am not eligible for some diversion program they were talking about. i blew .17...i dont kno how that could ahve happened i only had three beers at my auto shop before i went home. the prosecutors said they will do first time mininum statutory mininums and sadi i will need the interlock device on my car...i am fine doing everything else but the interlock device is embarassing, im not an alcoholic, i did fine on my fses and if i was as drunk as they said i was then how come i was standing up and did all there stupid tests.
There are ways around this you should ask your lawyer!
Will this count as a 2nd offense or first offense? I am on probation for my DUI and License suspended due to that and outstanding ticket. Do you know a likely outcome of a jail time sentence? 60 days? A year or is it possible to be credit for the time I will serve before I go to court (a week) and get fines and extended probation?
If you got a ticket for driving with a license suspended while on a DUI suspension- you really should contact an...