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I just got a DUI 0.16 (I was stupid and I'm not proud of myself) be reduced to a reckless driving?
I just got a DUI 0.16 (I was stupid and I'm not proud of myself) be reduced to a reckless driving?
Dear Christiansburg - You have not yet been convicted!! So, do not post any additional facts on any on line forum....
Will I be able to apply for a F1 student after my DUI case is resolved?
I am from another country and I just got a DUI (because i was very stupid) and I don't have any prior one. I have worked in the US for almost two years as an Aupair and I would like to know if I will be able to apply for a F1 student after my case get resolved?
it depends on on the outcome of the dui case. need to tell us more detail here if hesitant to tell more detail in this...
I was put on probation with vasap , I completed community service & paid most fines, vasap violated me for missing a class?
I wanna know what can happen tommorow when I go back to court for my deferred disposition, I completed all of but like 15 hours out of 100 for community service being that vasap sent me a letter saying they was taking me back to court, I did everything I was suppose to from last year till tomorrow but a class & I wanna know what can happen when I go to court, they also said I have $300 left for fines, which I have no income at all so I had no choice, my daughter was sick the time I missed the class and I had a family member call cause I was in the hospital all day with her, by then they had sent the letter stating they was going to violate me. IM scared to death cause I have nobody to care for my daughter I'm her only caretaker, could somebody please help me!?
You can either be given an extension or prosecuted. Consider hiring an attorney to help you out.
4th driving on suspended I'm also on probation what's a likely sentence I would receive.
Its also my first volition of probation and its a new charge the driving on suspened
I am not licensed in Virginia, but in California, where I am licensed, it matters quite a bit why your license is...
I got a 2nd dui the first was in 2007 and i would like to know what my lawyer can do to help me
the officer said i blew a 0.27 i wasnt that drunk i had two drinks about 30 min before i was pulled over and i never took another breath test at 0.27 i would think i would be passed out
You are right. You would not blow a .27 with 2 drinks. Your lawyer should inspect the maintenance logs for the...
I recently received a DUI (0.15), It will be a possibility to avoid the 5 days in jail?
I got arrested, they told me they will give me my license back in 7 days, and I have court next week.
It certainly is possible to avoid the mandatory time and even have your case dismissed if the facts of your case allow...
What is the statute of limitations on hit and run that ends in death? The driver was a teenager who was drunk.
In full disclosure this is for a book I am writing. The driver of the car was a teenage boy who was drunk. The accident led to the death of one his teachers. His girlfriend was in the car as well. Both teens ran away from the accident, leaving behind the boy's car which would have identified them. They stay on the run for five years, at which point they separate and the male returns to their home town. After all this time will he face charges for the hit and run? Would he likely be able to plead out? Further, the female waits another five years before she returns home. Being that she was not the driver and 10 years have passed, does she face charges. Thank you so much for your time, your input will be invaluable for my work.
The female passenger would face no charges, based on what you have posted. I believe The teenage drunk driver could...