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Can i use my NY license in PA if i have a dui in pa. Will the dui show up on my ny id.
I moved to pa from ny. I have both a pa and ny license. I just plead guilty to dui in pa. Since i have a ny license is that dui gonna show up on it and say im suspended.
If you have been convicted of a DUI n Pennsylvania, and your license was to be suspended in Pennsylvania, then you may...
Will I lose my license for a public intoxication?
I recently got a Public Intoxication and have not yet received it in the mail. I did get breathalyzed and don't remember what I blew but it wasn't high enough to take me to the hospital. I also did not get taken to the station or anything, the officer dropped me off at a friends. I am also underage but believe I only got a public intoxication, this is my first offense and I have no points on my license. Should I be expecting a license suspension? Also, is this offense consider worse than an underage?
If it is only Public Intoxication then there is no Suspension. Underage Drinking will give you a suspension so make...
What is the best option for my boyfriend who is in jail for a probation violation for marijuana use?
He has had multiple dirty urine tests. He was put in jail for his last dirty test. He doesnt know if he should try and pay for a lawyer or roll the dice with a public defender. A consultation he had with a lawyer said he could face 3-6 months for all the dirty tests. We have 2 kids and I am severely struggling without him.
Whats sad about this is he put himself and you in this position. The only reason I say that is because that is what...
Pulled over for high beams when I didn't have them on and got a DUI
I was driving on a quiet rural road late at night after having a few drinks. I passed a police officer, I saw her turn around to chase me immediately. No lights on at this point. While she was turning around, I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and stopped to park very legally near a house that I was going to. She then got behind me and turned on the lights. In the process, I was arrested for DUI. I've observed cops in this same area turn around and aggressively follow drivers at night for no reason a number of times. I've even been followed myself late at night. Then she told me that I had my high beams on and that was the reason for being pulled over. I know for a fact that I didn't have them on. I believe that she pulled me over because I stopped and parked quickly at night. I also checked the next day and the high beams were still off. I don't know if this department has a dash cam or not, I am convinced that would prove that they were not on. So is it my word against hers if no dash cam? I am 100% certain that I was pulled over because it was late at night. Can I go out with my own dash cam another night and prove that they do this? Thanks.
It does admittedly sound suspicious that she did not pull you over immediately. Showing that it is a common practice...
I was denied a handgun. After have 2 first offense duis. Both were .16+
They are m grade charges i dont see why id be denied
Dui is a reason to be denied read code 6105
Interlock employment exemption?
I work for in a garage that details cars for dealerships. I need to be able to drive cars from dealerships to the garage and then return them but it seems I'm in a bit of a grey area. On the exemption form it says you need to list what cars you need to drive including plate # etc. but at my job i drive different cars everyday usually with a dealer plate on them. I called Penndot today and the lady wasn't sure what to tell me really. She suggested that on the back of the paper I make a list and add a new cars info everytime before I drive it.
Answering to move to DUI. I would contact your DUI attorney to discuss.
Can I get my DUI overturned based on the supreme court ruling that blood testing for DUI without a warrant is unconstitutional?
I have a DUI from 2006 of which I was told that If I did not give blood my driving privileges would be revoked immediately.
Except in a very extraordinary circumstance, you would not be able to reverse a 10 year old conviction based on new...