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Can I avoid jail after violating probation for first DUI ?
I was convinced of DUI first offense in VA with a BAC of .09 I was in an accident with no injuries and found not to be at fault. I was sentenced 1 year probation, 90 days suspended jail time, ordered sobriety, VASAP and restricted license with ignition interlock. I have just finished my 10 ASAP classes and made the terrible mistake of consuming alcohol causing me to register a .02 or higher into the device the following morning which is a violation off my ordered sobriety, ASAP standards and is in VA a misdemeanor class 1 "driving on revoked" I have since recognized I have a problem and am going to AA twice a week. If my case manager reports this I will receive a show cause citation. I called my attorney, he just told me to wait until I get my citation then call him. I have a good job, a wife and 4 Kids, I am the sole provider. I will face the consequences of my actions and continue my sobriety with diligence, I just hope i have a shot at another chance to satisfy the court while continuing to provide for my family
Talk to your attorney. He knows your case best and the local habits of ASAP. Every location is different.
Will I be deported for a DUI/DWI arrest/charge?
I am a legal immigrant. I am on an approved change of status from F1 to H1b. I was arrested for DWI/DUI on July 7th 2018. According to a new memo released on June 28, 2018 by USCIS, USCIS with the help of DHS/CBP can issue an NTA to immigrants who "have been charged with any criminal offense that has not been resolved". The memo is vague and scary. Please help!!!!
I strongly suggest you hire a criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable with immigration law. First of all, technically, you...
Can I still travel outside of the US as a permanent resident after being arrested for DUI?
I was arrested a few days ago, and my court date is on September. I am a legal permanent resident, and I will only be gone for 2 weeks. Please help, I am so worried and scared! This is also my first DUI, my first arrest ever.
The only country I am aware of that will preclude you entering with a DUI charge or conviction is Canada (unless you...
How long for first time dui to come off record?
I was convicted of dui around 2010 in virginia. Court ordered vasap. After 10 years will I still be required to complete vasap.
If you had a dui in 2010 and you were ordered to complete VASAP then why wasnt it completed?. If you did not complete...
I obtained a background check on my name. It states DWI/Traffic instead of Public Intoxication. Is this the same charge?
July 04, 2015 I was arrested for asking my neighbor across the street to please stop firing off fire works (Illegal ones) over my home, which I have lived here for over 19 years. She called 911 and since I had a beer can in my hand, I was charged with Public Intoxication. My blood alcohol read was .04 I have a background check now and it states I have been charged with DWI/Traffic violation and to be considered for even a fast food job. I Have not worked since June 15, 2015. I do have a canceled check from a settlement that stated I was given a false background check. Can I do something about this? I have a +5 reading on my DMV record. Thank you for any information.
If this is a background check through a private company, which many private sector employers utilize, it can often be...
Can I get violated for the first dirty urine in Powhatan?
Recently assigned to probation. I was given 5 years suspended, with probation. My first lab test for cocaine was sent in a little dirty. If it comes back positive, will the judge violate me and give me time?
Look at it this way - the judge made a "deal" with you to allow you to NOT serve time - IF - you complied with his...
Is there any way to get non violent felonies expunged?
I was charged with two felonies in the span of 2 years. One was in 2015, and the other I was convited of in 2017. First was eludin from law enforcement in a vehicle which i took to trial to trial because I was misinformed by my lawyer and spent 3 months in jail and 2 years on probation. The other one was passenger hit and run due to the victim being injured which I spent 10 days as a plea deal and 2 years probation that I'm currently surving. Is there any way I can get this expunged or my civil rights restored and if so I long after can I apply for that? Any information will be great help for I am trying to get my life together now that I'm 28 and have finally gotten my head together and have a wife and a kid on the way. Thank you and God bless!
Depends on the state where you were convicted of the crimes. Unfortunately Virginia does not play when it comes to...