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My father attacked me while he was drunk and i want to press charges.
My father came home drunk and decided to try and pick a fight with me. I tried staying away from him and called the cops. When i was on the phone with the dispatcher he began to punch me. i never hit him back and the cops came and arrested him. Now i want to press charges against him cause hes always attacked me and hit me since i was a little kid what are my options.
The District Attorney will decide whether or not to present charges. Your options are to request a Domestic...
How many years can DA keep refilling on drunk disorderly warrant in Fresno county,CA.
Didn't know I had active warrant thought I did time served
Appears there's a misunderstanding. Perhaps you missed a case or violated probation?
Can i be reinstated a restricted liscense after being dismissed from program?
2 dui 10 years ago in july, probation, jailtime, is over. I missed a class under impression it could be made up. I am working now and must have transportation.
You could but you will have to check with the program itself. If a significant time has gone by, they will likely have...
How long do I have to wait to reapply for a restricted, or hardship restricted license , I missed a program class?
I had two dui's in 07' done my jail time, probation is over, I'm employed now and have kids that need to get to & from school 10 years with no license has been rough!
Did you complete the 18 month alcohol class? If you haven't, you should be eligible immediately as soon as you enroll...
Continued, How long can a federal judge drag out a DUI Case i have from 2013? I'm very tired of this matter hanging over me.
For obeying local, state and federal laws. Now the judge wants to pursue having me serve some time in jail for the violation of a new case while being on probation. It's 2016 still dealing with the new charges not having been filed yet in my second DUI case to this day now that it's 2017 i have yet to know if charges have been filed by the state since it was not a federal place where it happened. I'm still being in a violation of probation from the federal court. Any suggestions of what i should do. The DMV suspended my license even though i haven't been convicted of a DUI in my new case.
The judge is not dragging out the DUI case. You are dragging out your federal probation by picking up a new arrest....
How long can a federal judge drag out a DUI Case i have from 2013? I'm very tired of this matter hanging over me.
I got a DUI in 2013, i was charged and given a year of probation, a fine of 1,200 and to attend a first time DUI program. Because i lacked a job in that year neither my fine or classes could take place. In the next hearing 2014 Aug-Sep i explained i needed more time to complete the orders. I found and kept my job, i was given the chance to complete these terms for another year. My Fine was converted into 120 hours of community service, i enrolled and completed the first time DUI program it's now 2015. My next appearance was in a years time 2016. Unfortunately, i had made a very bad mistake in getting another DUI which i was so embraced to report to my public defense. I was stressed out due to my mother's surgery to remove a kidney with cancer. Then it was found to have spread to her bones, in which treatment was required. I had lost my father to cancer already. Which made me turn back to using alcohol in trying to cope with the outcome and my families pressure in me being the sole one in caring for my ill mother. I also am dealing with my own emotions of going forward in transition from female to male. So, i began to drink and was stopped for a DUI. I completed everything except
Unclear why your lawyer hasn't gotten it dismissed
How can I get m.a.u. to reinstate a restricted license after it was resuspended by m.a.u.?
2 dui in 07, missed a class and may resuspended my restricted license. Working now and is a must for employer to be licensed
You can't. Once you lose the restricted license, it's over. DMV is very unforgiving.