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My father attacked me while he was drunk and i want to press charges.
My father came home drunk and decided to try and pick a fight with me. I tried staying away from him and called the cops. When i was on the phone with the dispatcher he began to punch me. i never hit him back and the cops came and arrested him. Now i want to press charges against him cause hes always attacked me and hit me since i was a little kid what are my options.
The District Attorney will decide whether or not to present charges. Your options are to request a Domestic...
How do I go about getting some type of license back?
I drove throught Oregon inn August, 2010 and recieved a DUI, my second within 10 years. My license was revoked Jan 2011, for 3 years in Oregon. I did all that was required of me. Oregan wants me to put in Blow tester in my car and have insurance SR22 in Oregon to have a restricted license. California will not give me a restricted license since I have no restrictions on my license in California, but is still unable to issue my a regular license due to the fact Oregon still has a hold on it. I cannot even get through to talk to the manditory actions unit (high volume calls)
It looks like you will need to remove the hold, and information on this should be directed to an Oregon attorney.
I got a wet and reckless 9/2005. This was my 1st offense. 7/7/14 I got a misdemenor DUI. What will my outcome be in CA.
Just left the dentist office, I had taken 2 Ativan 1mg pills at seperate intervals for anxiety. Went there thinking I was getting a cleaning and left with a pulled tooth. I have epilepsy and anxiety. I passed the tests the officers gave, but said my epilepsy could be interfering with the tests, but my eyes were dialated more than usual. They didn't read me my rights til I was transferred to the station. Then after all the testing at there station they transferred me an hour away for blood and held me for six hours then processed me. I was the only on in holding. I haven't drank since the first DUI incident, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I do take precription meds but I don't abuse them. The day of the arrest I hadn't eaten until in holding so that had an effect and what happened.
2d DUI. 10 days jail or AWP minimum 365 days maximum. Hefty $2000+ fine, !8 month drinking driving program. Ignition...
On 11/5/2013 got a DUI, I had my DMV hearing and my license was suspended.
I was given a summons and released. The date on the summons stated for me to appear on 12/3/2014, a couple of days later I got a letter from the jail that the date should be 12/3/2013 and all other items on the summons were correct. I appeared as directed on 12/3/2013 and the clerk stated no charges have been filed, she stamped my summons that I appeared and told me they would be in contact when charged were filed. It has been 153 days since the arrest, how long can the court wait to file charges and take me to court for the DUI. I had my DMV hearing and my license was suspended for 4 months, at the end of the four month can I pay the reinstatement fee and file a SR-22 and get my license back.
The DA can wait generally up to a year to file charges without being penalized by the "speedy trial" issues. The "...
Is there anyway i can get out of my dui? Or at least get a work permit.
I am 20 years old. Crashed my car on my road at 3am. Had my friends come flip it back over and pull it off the road. Someone driving by called it in. I got driven back up to my house and drank some beers before laying down. Cop came up to my house and arrested me outside. I blew a .18 which was already 1 1/2 hours after driving. I was arrested. They can't prove i drank before driving. And there were no witnesses. Do i have any loopholes? I really need to be able to drive to work at the very least. I also haven't had a courtdate yet. Just found out through my insurance that my license is suspended. Thank you
You can apply for a hardship license (also called a critical need license). The DMV does not always grant that license,...
What will happen on a 2nd DUI conviction within a year of first conviction but in a different county; programs not completed yet
Second DUI arrest after 1st DUI conviction; nothing completed yet to meet requirements of the first.
To predict exactly what will happen is impossible without knowing more about your case, but sounds like you are looking...
I have both charges listed23152A&B, but there were no drugs involved only alcohol. If convicted of dui will I have 2
convictions or just one?? I'm just curious. I'm hoping to only have one misdemeanor conviction and not two even though there were two charges listed. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated. I believe this is a first offense for me, roughly 25 years ago when I was a minor I was caught for drinking and driving in a national park. It was so long ago I don't even remember the details, but if I can remember correctly, they said it would not show on my adult record (that it would be sealed) this true? This is in California.
The charges are really want charge two different ways what is under the influence of alcohol that CA count the others...