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Do I have to have an alcohol intoxalock installed in my car without the judges signature on the court order? Tell me what to do?
I was arrested and charged with my 2nd DWI but refused to take the breath test. so the 1st judge court ordered me to install this box in my car. The 2nd judge said that the 1st judge didn't sign it at the time it was ordered which was in December. Plus I haven't been arraigned as of yet.
Talk to your attorney. If you do not have an attorney, hire one. I am not clear if the second judge's comment...
My husband is in jail for DUI. I went and picked up our car. Can he get it back when released
He's a pill user and alcoholic He is a convicted felon
You may need to add some information to this question. If you have the car, then it sounds like he can have access to...
I have a restraining order against my husband. Both our names is on our car. He got a DUI. I picked it up. Can he get it back?
He has 2 DUI , alcoholic and pill user
This is a family law question since you both own the car. Sorry, didn't understand the question.
My husband is in jail for a DUI. I picked up our car. I have a restraining order against him. Can he get it back when released.
Convicted felon
Generally speaking you can get your car out of impound even for a dui.
I was arrested for DUI in Lakewood, CO in 1996 and missed the court date.
A bench warrant was issued when I missed the court date, although my counselor at the residential rehab I was in at the time wrote and faxed a letter to the court explaining why I could not be in court. Is that bench warrant still active?
Call the clerk of court or the Sheriffs department warrants division. If it was not cleared it is probably still active.
Will my husband be charged with second offense DWI?
My husband was recently arrested for DWI. He has a previous conviction from 2006 but he used his article 894 to expunge the matter from his record. I was wondering if he will be charged with second offense DWI even though he had the last matter expunged? If so, what are the consequences he is looking at?
If the case has truly been 'expunged' then this will likely result in a first offense charge. That doesn't mean that...
Charged with 1st dui, but its actually my 4th, can they change the charge
got a ticket for a 1st dui but its actually 4th, will they up my charge when I go to court?
It's certainly possibile. If the prosecutor learns that you have 3 priors, it's unlikely that he or she would not amend...