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A judgement that I was never served on due to wrong name
An accident accured I was guilty went to jail accused of dui prescription meds.bonded out of jail was given a return court date on allegations and was told decline to file that was in 2011 in 2015 was stopped and took to jail for dus had to pay 700.00 cash in which went to dps and found out a judgement was made for 16.000 dollars and my license was suspended till plaintiff was paid I was never served or mailed or anything no charges filed still and was in wrong name and there was no dui and for sure not 16 thousand dollars damage nor anyone go to hospital and plaintiff drove away and went to dps again they told me the lawyer that was handling the case was no longer and that there was a new one taking his cases I've got to work that means got to drive I have no points on driving record and if I had been told about any civil court I for sure would've been there I was in drug court on a poss.charge nothing to do with this case but if they had been looking for me I was in court weekly and monthly for 2 years in same county they said they took every measure to find me but was in wrong name if id known they filed a civi suit 2 years after the accident I would've started with giving them
Hire a lawyer. The lawyer could file to set aside judgment and reopen case.
Can I use someone's criminal record to help prove liability in rear end wreak ?
I was rear ended by a driver and I filled a claim through his Insurence. They came back with a conclusion of it Being 50/50 because we have conflicting story's and they say they have record of a phone call being place to 911 stating we both were driving wreaklessly. The only wreakless driving I myself did was to try and get away from the other driver, witch promted him to began to chase me riding my bumper and couldn't slow down in time and that's what caused accident. He told them me , I a 27 year old woman driving with her 5 year old daughter randomly started following him, honking my horn and flashing my lights then I swerved over in front of him and forced him to hit Me. after insirence told me this conclusion I looked the driver up and he has a very very intense criminal record from grand larceny, larceny of a animal in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree and 2nd degree burglary. Can I use this new found information to help show that my statement is more credible than his ? And is so can It put him 100% responsible for the accident ? Because no telling who put in the phone call, it very well could have been him ! Please help!
You can potentially use his record against him. However it sounds like his actions were intentional and if so his...
How long do I have to wait to drive after being given 25mg of Diphenhydramine?
A VA doctor gave me 25 mg of Dip hen Hydra mine even after knowing I drove 50 minutes alone from out of town to be treated. This drug was administered around 1pm. It is now 8pm and she says that I should be good to drive however when researching on line it says the drug takes 24 hours to leave the system. Is this true? Is there a way to calculate when I can drive? And if I end up being pulled over will I be charged with DUI?
Impaired driving means impaired. The type or dosage isn't the most important factors. Consulting your dr is a good idea...
I wasn't read my Miranda rights
I was in the car with my brother, I had been drinking he was not. He was driving. We got pulled over for a licence plate light out. The cop asked if we had been drinking I said yes I was and he said no. He did sobriety test and got put in he cruiser. cop came back asked me to get out of the car, I did. I had a drink and he asked me if it was mine and i said yes. No rights were read and he arrested me for public intox and open container (which I understand I admitted to prior). No rights were read to me the entire time. When I court can I bring this fact up? Side note I was also charged for posession because my brother had marijuana in his car, but I feel like I can probably get out of that out.
Since 1966, Miranda v. Arizona has served as the touchstone for the exploration of the scope of the Fifth Amendment...
My ex wife made a police report saying I was driving drunk and on drugs with my 16 year old daughter in car.
I was not pulled over or arrested but I got call from detective.
Talk to counsel first. Follow counsel's lead. Even if ex puts the fun in dysfunctional, see counsel first. Cops take...
Would they drug test me on the first day of court? N would they put me on provation? I wasn't high when they pulled me over....
I was driving n got pulled over cuz of my tag, he ask me if I had weed I handed to him it was a half of reggie, when he ask me I gave it n I was honest with him, n I did what he said, You think they will drug test me?
If you do not have counsel, go hire counsel tomorrow. Stop making admissions in public, to the police and on the...
Obtaining a modified driver's license.
How long does the process take? If it was a drug possession (marijuana) instead of DUI do i still need an interlock?
You should consult an experienced DWI attorney. Fighting these cases requires a very technical analysis of numerous...