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Failure to complete substance abuse treatment cancelled license
First time dui offender completed traffic school and evaluation recommends treatment class which i have not completed my drivers license is cancelled now from 2nd notice of failed toncomple but i am still enrolled in class anyway to get hardship license or something to go to college in the state of Florida before i complete the class do i have to wait
Do you have to wait for what? You must complete everything.
Can the DMV suspend your license without ever being arrested or charged of DUI?
Never was sent a notification by mail stating the suspension or was told by the officer. It involved an accident where the person was sent to the hospital and a blood test was given. I'm guessing the results came back and they submitted them to the DMV? Not sure how that works. But no arrest warrant was issued and it was several months ago. How can the DMV suspend a license without knowledge of an arrest or charge. So if they can't possibly prove you were in actual physical control, the DMV can suspend anyways?
DMV does need to spend you notice that they are suspending you license and the reason why. They can send the letter to...
If your DUI case is dropped will the license suspension be invalidated?
Never arrested for DUI or charged but DMV suspended license for 6 months. Never received a formal notice or anything. There is only 2 months left on the suspension when found out.
Florida Statues require the invalidation of the administrative suspension only when you have been found "not guilty"...
If you are never arrested for DUI and have not been charged, can the DMV suspend your license? and without notifying you?
Everything read on the FLDMV site claims they can suspend you following a DUI arrest. How can they do that without the arrest?
the dmv can suspend your license for numerous reasons...not just because of a dui arrest. use the "find a lawyer"...
Police were called for threats made at me by my drunk girlfriend who busted the window out of our new car
She also threatened to kill me and they said she could break any thing she wanted because she lived there after I left to take my hand gun to a friends and the officers left she demolished my house do I have a case against the sheriff office for them not doing there job
Maybe you do. I recommend you speak face to face with an experienced civil litigation attorney who specializes in...
Can DUI charges still be filed if you weren't in the vehicle and the keys were no where in the area at the time of the accident?
This was a single vehicle crash and the person was out of the vehicle and the keys were no where to be found. A blood test was given at the hospital and showed that the BAC was above legal limit. How could they prove the person was actually behind the wheel. NO statements were made to the police. The vehicle was also not registered under this persons name.
They can always charge it. I once had a DUI case where the driver took a swing at the cop and he charged the driver and...
Can I take my dui class out of the state I got convicted in
I recieved my first offens dui Where I live at in Florida I was ordered to take a dui class but after court I leave for two months with my husband to colorado for work business and I would like to know if I could do the class while I'm away or do I have to wait till I get bck
That's up to the local program in Florida. I can only tell you from my experience in Virginia Beach (a heavy military...