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Will the judge revolk my defered if i had a bad ua and have to go from monthly montering back to the intensive outpationt prog.
i had a bad ua while in monthly montering and my counselor said i would have to go back to three times a week for at least 30days then once a week,basicly starting over.Will my deffered be revolked
In my experience, if you are on a deferred prosecution and there is evidence that you have used alcohol/drugs, most...
Pending DUI
So I have a pending DUI. If convicted it will be my third. I have DUI from 2008, 2013 which I am still currently on community supervision for and a violation from last year for a wreckless endangerment. I just got 60 days home detention for the violation of the reckless driving. I just did 45 days home detention for the violation of the 2013 DUI. Now I'm dealing with the current DUI. this case is different. They got a warrant to draw my blood but the lady who drew my blood wasn't licensed so out goes the blood test. The plea they offered is drop it to a wreckless and driving suspended in the third degree. Go to a victims panel and attend drug and alcohol classes determined by an a assessment I would get. I'm already in classes and have been since march. My question is what do you think are my chances are at trial? They pulled me over for speeding but did not give me a citation. Please help.
With your history a reduction to reckless driving may be a very good result. It is impossible for anyone in a form like...
Is it possible to get a DUI while riding a bicycle?
I've heard mixed things, but often times ride my bike home after a couple of post work drinks. What is the law regarding this?
No, if it doesn't have a motor you can't get a DUI.
Tox level for driving on meth / dui
my brother was on meth driving hit some one. some one died
There is no specific level whereby someone is presumed affected by meth, but one is presumed impaired by alcohol at 0....
How long can charges stay active on a DUI?
I got charged while in prison in 2009. Want to get license back but now suddenly when I paid off all my tickets now this charge is holding it.
The statute of limitations was put on hold when they filed the charge. The charge can remain there forever, waiting...
How, after getting a DUI, can I be allowed back into Canada?
The DUI occurred a year or more ago in Pennsylvania . It is the only DUI I've had. What can I do to be able to regularly travel to Canada?
If you are an American Citizen you will have some problems. You really need to talk to an immigration lawyer or,...
How do I get in touch with free legal advise in Montana on a dui charge -or do I need to ?
5 years ago I got a dui in Livingston mt ,- I had to leave the state because of severe medical reasons and was not able to take care of the charge , I want to get my license back here in Washington state ,but I have to satisfy the state by going thru what they refer to as the (act ) program their ( mt ),-well I live here ,is their a program here in Washington that they (mt) would recognize when completed and accept so I can reinstate my license their thru the mail and then pursue my license here , who would I contact here that provides that program?,- thank you very much ,-Robert
What you are seeking is likely difficult, but not impossible. You need to coordinate with a treatment place in MT and...