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I was pulled over for a DUI, submitted to sobriety test, and was arrested and taken to the police station. When I was asked if I would take the Breathalyzer, I didn't refuse but asked to speak to an attorney before I submitted. Of course around 1am no one answers their phone. So they got a warrant to receive a blood alcohol test. When the test comes back to do they account for the time that I was in the police station before the test was taken? as in add a higher BAC instead of what was found in my blood at the time of testing?
The law requires that the state prove a BAC within two hours of driving for the .08 charges and above. The state need...
i paid my fine mailed in the revoke packet but was missing signatures from classes that i completed years they mailed it back. i now live in another state. how do i go about it from another state? i need my license here in Oregon thanks for any help
You need someone in your former city to walk the papers around or you will have to do it by mail, call where you went...
Does Arizona law allow this.
Ignition Interlock devices (IID) are used to detect alcohol and not marijuana. If alcohol was not at issue, it would...
I am afraid but willing to face that I have a serious illness that affects my choices in life. I m willing to get help..Thank you...Just grateful no one was injured during my spree
Jail. Real jail. You need a criminal defense attorney that deals with alcohol-related driving offenses to stop...
I know I paid my fines in full last year and the court does not have a receipt in their system. I have a valid drivers license and the record from the DMV shows that the suspension was satisfied by the court. I thought I was all clear until I got pulled over and arrested for obstruction of justice for according to them not paying.
Not likely. If you fail to appear in court, or fail to pay a fine, the court may direct MVD to suspend your driving...
I ran out to my car had mouthwash in my mouth I was not expecting to blow I wasn't even planning on driving as soon as I opened my door it was telling me to blow I got 3 straight fails I had no water to swish around and was not aware that I was only 15 min in lockdown or I would have blown again. According to my provider It went off without my key in the ignition because it was in its warm up mode which I also had no clue about.
Yes you can absolutely fight it. However, you must act quickly you only have 15 days to request the hearing from the...
Can I ask the prosecutor or court to change it to "with prejudice?"
Don't press your luck. You may aggravate them and cause them to re file.