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Got a DUI in 2008 and worry about travel outside of the United States.
Hi, I got a DUI in 2008/10 and I went through all the DUI program, AA meeting, and paid the fine in 2009. (Ever since then, I didn't even got a speed ticket or anything violate the law) By then I was a student and using F1 visa to come into the States. never got a problem. After that, I stayed in California and obtained H1-B Visa (2010-2015) and finally got my green card in 2015 Dec. However, when I travel outside of US and reentry to US, 70% of the time, the custom officers take me to the small room for check up. But they just doing nothing, not asking me a question, I just sitting there for 2 hours wait. Then they will return my passport to me. Since Trump is very restrict on immigration, I would like to if I travel outside of US again, will I be in trouble return to US? I read some articles on internet and newspaper, seems like some people got deported because they got a DUI. Thank you
You should meet with an immigration lawyer in person with your disposition records and discuss the circumstances, as it...
When do I get results of my blood test for my DUI? What if I blew into the breathalyzer 3 times wrong, & still arrested me?
I asked if I was being detained but she said I was being arrested for DUI. I was never told my Miranda rights nor did she know what percentage I blew. When I asked, she said "you blew it wrong 3 times, we don't know" then preceded to take me to the County department where I did my blood test. I don't know any of the results, what can I do? I was charged because I made a U-Turn aggressively due to frustration that it was late, my phone dead and I was lost. And what are my chances? Thanks in advance!!
You need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with this case and who can answer all your...
Can I serve time for my $2000 DUI fine rather than pay, and if so how much time should I expect?
The date to pay my fine is in less than two weeks and there is no way I will be able to afford it. Recent news of an IRS audit and several other financial struggles lead me to believe that serving time will be more financially strategic then any payment plan that I will most likely be unable to keep up with because of IRS audit issues and lack of income. This is a first offense and I owe the court no other fines. The county is LA County and I believe it is the Pomona court house.
Yes you can serve time. You must get your matter on calendar before sentencing judge and request that the fine be...
What happens when the DMV is notified of a failure to comply with terms of Ignition interlock device ?
I received an order of suspension from the DMV for failing to comply with terms of IID device , I called Smart Start and they said that the car was operated with a BAC . I was not behind the wheel when the unit registered a BAC , but a friend was , who had no record and should have been totally legal for him to drive as long as the car started , . Also the car is registered under my mom's name and she may have done it as well . I personally never tried to start the car myself with any BAC , If I would have known this is how they monitored it , I would have never let anyone drive car . I hope there is some way I can get this cleared up
You will need your mom and/or friend to write a statement to Smart Start and the DMV indicating they were the ones with...
I got a DUI after I called 911. I ran from my vehicle after my passenger assaulted me.
When police arrived, I was 2 blocks away from my vehicle, keys were lost. I took the breath test but don't know exactly what the reading was. Even though I was given a DUI, my CA license was handed back to me. I was taken to jail and my truck impounded. Got out next morning, got truck back. Since they didn't take my license, I did not receive a Notice of Suspension and Temporary License. I made an appt with DMV anyway. DMV had no paperwork on my case. I called the police department to inquire about my actual BAC. I was told that info won't be given to me but I could call the DA. DA had no paperwork on my case when I called 10 days after the DUI. They advised me to call back in 10 more days to see if they would even be filing charges. Should I hire an attorney before the DA files?
I don't think it's absolutely necessary that you hire an attorney at this point but I would at least consultant 1...
What are you talking about, where do you see this?
I was arrested for dui and hit and run, what can i expect?
I was arrested but dont seem to remember anything before the police stopped me, i dont even remember if i crashed or what i crashed into to. I'm very scared.
I had a very similar case to this. Here is what an attorney would need to know in order to give you a correct response....