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Penalties for driving on restricted versus suspended license?
I get that no competent lawyer will recommend that I drive outside the scope of my license restrictions (for first-offense DUI). However, I have doctor's appointments to get to, and other important errands to run, and transportation isn't easy to come by. Contrary to how the state is treating me, I'm not driving off to the liquor store to buy booze for high school kids as I slurp down some bottles of Jack and sizzurp. Soooo... What are the penalties for driving on a restricted license? Is it criminal? I know that driving on a SUSPENDED license is criminal and carries some harsh penalties, but from what I can tell, driving on a RESTRICTED license seems like it's just a traffic ticket (as well as another license point.) I'd rather know before I do it and get caught...
you are stopped for driving on a suspended license or restricted license with an alcoholic suspension its a vehicle...
Have had 3 accidents in 1 year technically my fault. One was a pole avoiding an accident. Do I need attorney for DMV hearing?
One accident, first rain of season. Car in front of me slammed on brakes because car from other lane made unsafe lane change. One accident I hit a pole because some guy came out from behind a walled in parking lot and didn't even look so I swerved and hit a ballard totaling my car. Guy never stopped. Third accident guy in front of me was going through new green light and suddenly stopped and looked down like he dropped something. I ran in to the back of him doing very little damage to his 4by truck but much damage to mine.
If you get 4 points on your license in a 12 month period, the DMV has the write to suspend or revoke your license. It...
I have been suspended for moving violations for 6 months and now I am in probation for another 6 months and I placed as a bad
A bad driver until 2017 if I moved to another state the probation I have will move to? If not which state should I move?
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. The CA DMV has a point system. It is almost impossible to get DMV to change...
How long for a verdict (or to get results in the mail) after my final dmv hearing?
What is the usual length it takes for the hearing officer to come to a decision? What's the average time it'll take for me to receive the results in the mail? My hearing is on January 23, 2014.
A decision can take as little as a day or as long as 30 days. There is set time limit for this but your attorney can...
Newly green card holder with a past DUI that doesnt come up with CA DMV?
Hello, i recently became a Perm. Resident, but im a little confused... I got a misd. DUI about 4 years ago here in CA when I didnt have a license and now that I went to get a license , my DMV record is clean?.., when an employer runs my background will it come up?... what should I do, im gonna start applying for a job and not sure what to do?
What question did you have?
Do I need to pay this amount for DUI Cost Recovery Program?
I received a DUI 9/12/2010, however, I recently received an invoice for the amount of $1,040 from Department of California Highway Patrol DUI Cost Recovery Program. I was not aware of these charges against me as they were not mentioned as a possibility, in addition to the charged salary per hour of $78 with total staff hours of 13 and 20 minutes. I called and the delay in sending me the bill was Allende V. The California Highway patrol. My taxes go to the state to cover the California Highway patrol, in addition, I paid the ambulance, court, DUI school, and all other fees towards my DUI. Why am I getting charged for extra as California highway patrols duty is public service.
Did you have an attorney represent you? You should speak to them about these fees. Generally, there is a place on the...
I drove a drunk friend home in his car at his request. Bumper was slightly damaged and I paid for repairs. Do I owe a new one?
A friend drank too much and asked me to drive his car home as I was not drunk. I parked and scraped the bottom of his fender and upon backing out of the spot, the edges of the fender got pulled out. I popped them back in and I told him I'd pay for the repair which I did outside of our insurance companies. It was for a new fender lining and repair to a tab and clip inside the outer edge of the original fender's passenger side. He was happy with the repairs until a couple months later when he hit a piece of tire on the freeway and his bumper, grill, and logo were damaged. The bumper no longer fits properly on either side on the car and a gap can be seen under the head lights. Fast forward to 6 months later and he now wants me to pay to have the fender replaced. Am I responsible?
You are not responsible for subsequent damage to the bumper.