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Permanently revoked for 3 DUIs and 1 Refusal in 1990. Non-resident since 1990. Sober for 25 years. Been in current home state since 1995 and need FL DL clearance to this state.
I am not sure who the best in Florida is. You may want to call the FL Bar association.
Ate at Thai resterant, had Thai curry food and drank a lemonade. I started my car fine from resterant and then on down road I had to blow, it failed me and locked me out for 5 min. I blew again and it failed me, and locked me out for 45 min. After the 45 min, I blew again and passed that blow and the rest on my way home just fine. I'm scared, will that show as achohol and will I lose my privelage???
This is a DWI/Criminal law question. I have relisted it in that area so that you can receive an appropriate response....
I was the women.Do I have a case.
Without more facts no. You can consult with a civil litigation attorney to see if you have claims. Hopefully...
I was charged w/ DUI in NC (2011) and NCDL suspended for 12 mo. from conviction date. which is 1-22-13. I am moving to CO and I am wanting to get a CODL. What are the steps I need to take to get my CODL's
Well, it makes sense to get everything cleared here in NC. . .at least as it pertains to complying with the judgment....
A person was arrested for DUI and was not offered a breathalyzer. Instead a blood sample was taken which will prove innocence. The lab in Raleigh, NC, is so backed up that it could be many more months before the case is resolved. In the meantime, the accused person is getting turned down for employment due to the pending case which is causing a huge financial problem for the family. A court appointed lawyer suggested pleading guilty in order to bring the case to a close; however, the accused person does not want to admit to a fault that was not committed. What in the world should they do?
Without a conviction why would this be impacting your employment? Speak with your attorney about this.
I was arrested 2 years ago after my dog jumped over the console knocked over the GPS and hit the steering wheel. I brushed the railing and the highway patrol stopped me. They arrested me for Driving While Impaired. I suffer from fibromyalgia, sleep apnea plus cervical disk disease. I had taken .5 mg of mirapex 14 hours earlier which does not affect me. Will this show up on my blood test and where is my blood test. My trial was last week and I was found guilt and we are appealing.
Pose this question to your trial attorney, and to your appellate attorney if they are not the same person.
This will be a DUI conviction in district court, Rowan County, NC. Do I need to bring any paperwork with me or do I just state in court that I want to appeal?
Simply state the appeal in open court.