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If I get caught shoplifting a $30 hat and being in possession of 2 grams of marijuana, will I be drug tested at court?
I got caught in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Just need help on what's going to happen in court and if i'm going to be drug tested.. Please help....
You will not be tested unless you agree to terms of release or probationary terms that include drug testing. You should...
My driver's liscence was suspended in 2003 for DUI for 2 yrs. I did not attempt to reinstate it. This was prior to Melanie's Law
My mother is 88 and not well. She is no longer able to drive. She has MD visits she needs to go to. Is there any way for me to get my liscence reinstated at this time? I am under treatment for cancer myself & would only need to drive during daylight hours. I have no $ to install a breathelizer in my Mom's car.I have not had alcohol in almost 10 years. Please advise.
you should have been able to reinstate your license by now unless your are suspended in another state.
How do i get my massacuettes license valid after having DWI in Md...I need it for work?
I have a Mass license but live in Md...Had a DWI last march(never been in trouble before) had 6 month suspension after that case pretty much got dismissed then i bought a new Benz and started a 200,000 yr job. A few days ago mass sent me notice saying license got revoked for 1 year...i need to get license valid and active forever so i can drive especially to work Thank you
Take out a second loan on the Benz and hire an experienced MA DUI attorney. Once cleared in MA, you should be able to...
Can I avoid jail time for my DUI? If so I’ll hire you.
On Dec 23, 2016, I was pulled over in my brothers car for brake lights being out and got a DUI. I had already received a DUI in 2013 and have been driving with a breathalyzer. My car was in the shop, in hopes of getting the breathalyzer removed, that night so I was borrowing my brothers car. It was the first time I drove without a breathalyzer since 2013. My Public defender says I’m facing a minimum of 1 year of jail time. I cannot go to jail. If any lawyer can get me out of serving jail time, I will hire them.
No lawyer can guarantee you any specific result. You need an attorney who can advocate for: a reduction in the charge...
How many failed start-up tests am I allowed with a ignition interlock before the RMV sends a hearing notice?
Failed an initial start-up test the other day and have been looking for a clear answer but can't find any. Older posts say that two failed start-ups is a lock out and two lock outs trigger a hearing. The affidavit that I signed says that two failed start-ups creates a lock out and in some cases a single lock out triggers a hearing and some cases it takes two. Also on the affidavit it explains what a failed test is and says two failed tests equals a lockout and two lock outs due to a failed test triggers a hearing. I've also seen on only one lawyer’s website that a lock out due to two failed start-ups is now triggering hearings. The affidavit seems intentionally vague, the rules 540 cmr 25 which is the RMV's guidelines don't say what happens with a lockout due to failed start-ups and general law 90 24 1/2 says the RMV can take away my license if I blow over .02 on at least two occasions. Just really confused and would like some clarity.
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19 year old arrest for DUI?
MY 19 year old son was arrested for DUI on Route 3 in Plymouth. He refused the breathalyzer. We got a notice saying his license was suspended by Massachusetts RMV for 3 years. Can he get the license back if the case is dismissed or he beats the trial?
There are 2 punishments for this, criminal and civil. If you beat the criminal charge, that does not help with the...
18 months. I would like to have my record sealed. How much $$$$?
No blood alcohol level. Breathe nor blood. I wand it sealed. 18 months probation. CWOF
You would need to file a petition to seal in the court in which you were placed on probation