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I was all ready "in custody" under arrest and had been taken to the station when they started asking me questions and I refused to be tested, asked for a lawyer.
If they ceased questioning after you asked for a lawyer or if they don't use any statements you made after that, there...
im suppose to leave for marine corps boot camp in 1 to 2 months and just need to get this taken care of. what am i looking at for charges and is there anyway to get it droped to a wet reckless driving so it wont affect me leaving for the millitary?
it is difficult to say whether or not this charge could be negotiated downward without knowing additional facts. And...
This didn't result in a lockout, so am I ok in relationship to the DOT? I actuall failed twice thinking it was a fluke and then just gave up and walked to work.
It depends. If the DataMaster DMT at the police station or jail did not accept the sample, the officer could have...
If I plan on automatically pleading guilty do I have to hire a lawyer?
You do not have to hire an attorney if: 1. You do not care about any potential defenses you may have. 2. You...
I filed an appeal to the revocation but it will be up soon and I doubt the DMV case monitor will continue the stay. Can I get a work permit? If so how? I dont want to risk driving revoked.
If the appeal was granted, then the revocation is stopped pending your hearing. You can drive with full privileges...
Can she forego getting her license back until the 12 months are up and not need a breathalyzer?
Nope. That period starts when you apply to get the license back.
I am on probation for a DUI and just got a probation violation for THC, however my PO said I could still move to Colorado and drop UA's for her there and do phone calls. Would that mean I would have to transfer probation to that state or am I still under Iowa probation.? I know you have to be accepted by the probation places in a new state and wondered how I could make that more likely for myself.
You will still be supervised out of Iowa. Most states will not accept probation transfers unless a felony is involved.