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Early Discharge of Probation
My probation officer said she would write a letter of recommendation so I could have an early discharge of probation. I already served over half of the time. Who do I need to contact to get this going? I never had a lawyer for my case. This was a 3rd offense OWI. Who must I contact First?
Your agent is being disingenuous, as under current law only she can initiate that process, and odds are that under the...
Husband got dui-and refused blood test at station
he was charged with open container in vehicle, owi got a warning for running red light and is now facing refususal. he did road side test blew road side. when he was taken to station they said to him if he blew under .08 they would let him go, he blew, officer said not quite...then asked to take blood. he refused. this is his first offense and has no priors. does he have a good case?
Any case either solid or weak hinges on experience of the attorney working that case, legal strategy and attentive...
What can I do if being charged with a dui when the cops did not catch me driving ?
Drank a few beers at the bar and drove home, someone called the police and said that I was driving wreck less. Police came to my house and arrested me for drunk driving , how can they do that?
All they need to charge you is probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence. If they have a witness...
What happens when i get an owi with a michigan license in Wisconsin?
I recived an owi a couple of days ago and am now facinng a hearing next month, i do have a michigan drivers license but was pulled over and given the ticket in Wisconsin, what do i do to receive the most minimal punishment, as i have fully learned my lesson in having respect for the law and knowing that i screwed up and it will never happen again.
Read all of your paperwork carefully, as it is likely your court date isn't your first deadline. If you refused testing,...
Will I get re arrested after my court date?
A couple days ago I got arrested for an OWI, specifically operating with a controlled substance (marijuana). I was on only a 12 hour hold in jail and then I was released. That’s the charge that got me arrested. I also got charged with possession of THC (less than 8 grams), and possession of drug paraphernalia. All together these fines equal up to about $1400. When I got arrested, I was still slightly high and they took me to the hospital to get blood drawn to see how much really was in my system, and that will help the judge in court too when deciding what to do. what I’m concerned about is what exactly they might decide to do? On the papers they say they are all citations. They mentioned about my license possibly being suspended. Is it possible they will make me serve any longer? This is also my first time getting in trouble with the law.
It customary to get citations in the field, which are later followed up with formal criminal charges. Since the...
Whats the difference between owi 4th in 5 yrs and operating with restricted controlled substance in blood 4th within 5 years?
my blood test came back and says ethanol not detected, delta-9-THC 1.1 ng/ml 11-hydroxy-THC not detected carboxy-THC 12 ng/ml i didnt even smoke that day i dont understand whats going on.
The felony penalties are the same, and the THC charge is easier for the prosecutor to prove. Stop posting details...
Can I get my DUI case thrown out?
Hello I was recently arrested for my 3rd OWI. I’m wondering if I have a case to get it thrown out and whether I would need a private attorney or if a public defender would work in my situation. I was pulled over in the side of the highway I was in the passenger seat. The car was out of gas so it could be operated even if I wanted to. The keys were not in the ignition they were somewhere on the floor. Before the cop got there I drank from a bottle I had in my car so there is no way to know if an accurate bac level if I was even driving. What I feel right now is it innocent until they can prove I’m guilty. I gave the cops a story about a friend driving who ran away which they assume is false but if they can’t prove I was driving do I have a case? Also even if I was driving the fact that I drank in the passenger side makes the blood test I took pointless because even if I was driving there’s no way to know what my bac was. Just wondering if I have a case and should fight it. Could a pd get me a plea deal like reckless driving and open ibtoxicant to make the dui go away. I can’t survive living through a 3rd OwI
Posting a public confession that you were in fact the driver and also committed the additional crime of obstructing isn'...