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Originally from California, got a DUI out of state when I lived there and completed the program, returned to CA license suspende
I am originally from California and got my first license here. I moved to Arizona in 2004 and got a DUI there, I completed the program and got my AZ license restored. I then moved to Ohio and got a license there then got a DUI in 2012. I completed the class and had an ignition interlock for a year to get my full unrestricted license. I just moved back to California last month and renewed my old license here 2 weeks ago then yesterday I get a notice that my license is now suspended until I provide proof I completed the programs from the other states. I go to the DMV and they tell me that regardless of the completion of the out of state requirements I will still have to do at least 9 months of classes here to get my license back in this state.... Is there a way to squash this??
California DMV sees you as having two duis, and they'll want you to complete a 9 month program even if Ohio didn't...
How to get CA DL back if doing Out of State DUI Class
My sister got a DUI near Chico. She has since moved out of state, and needs to do the alcohol class. But she is concerned that the CA DMV won't accept an out of state DUI class, and she needs to get a license in NJ, but is worried with the CA license suspended, she won't be able to. Is there a way to satisfy the CA DMV to get her license back without having to come back to CA for the DUI classes? Thank you.
Unfortunately, the California DMV does not except out-of-state DUI classes. She will have to call mandatory actions, at...
Will I lose my license with my first DUI? I need my license to drive to work.
I got the DUI in marysville ca.
DMV will automatically suspend your license if you do not request a hearing within ten days of arrest. This...
Have a reckless driving on record due to a accident courts can I get this to get a job non dui
This was a accident and only on dmv
I'm a little confused by your question but your potential employer is in a better position to determine whether or not...
What are we looking at with a drunk in public and domestic battery charge?
Last month, my boyfriend and I celebrated the weekend with a bit too much alcohol. We got into an argument that was escalated due to our intoxication and made some bad impulsive decisions. He broke my phone, I popped his bike tire. The cops showed up to our apartment and took him for "public intoxication" even though we were outside our apartment door talking to them. They also charged him with domestic battery because he had held me back when I was upset about my broken phone. My arms were a bit red (not even bruised) and they asked why and he told them he'd held me. We're been together for 4 years and have never had any problems. He's never laid a hand on me and I'm worried about the domestic battery charge as it can lead up to 6 months jail time or $2,000 fine. We can pay the fine, but the jail time is terrifying to us. Is there a way to avoid jail by choosing t he fine or is that up to the judge? Also, can me saying that he's never hurt me hold any water? It was just the cops decision. A bad night that's become a month long nightmare and I'm so in the dark because I'm not the one in the hot seat.
If convicted, a first offense domestic battery usually carries probation with a requirement for anger management...
What do I need to do for the CA BRN to allow me to take the NCLEX with a 5 year old DUI on my record?
When I was 18 I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI. This is my first and only conviction and occurred 5 years ago. I'm starting an RN program very soon but have been hearing a lot of unhappy nursing graduates complain that the CA BRN has denied them to take the NCLEX. I've read that there are ways to appeal this but I'm not sure what is needed to actually do this. I've also been told that in CA you will always be denied if you have a DUI on your record. I would like to start preparing now as I've heard this process takes time and is very stressful. Would expungement help and if so how do I go about it?
I don't believe merely expunging it will be enough. Call attorney Christine McCall. This type of case is all she does.
If you are drunk when you are arrested, does what you tell the officer stand in court?
I was arrested on March 6th, for DUI and marajuana related charges. I don't remember exactly what I told the officer. I am wondering if what I told him will be held against me in court because I was under the influence of alcohol. Thank you
If only that worked. Any statements you made are likely admissible. The exception would be if you were interrogated...