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Need some help. Got a few dwi's one in mass and two in nh
I got a 1st dwi in 2005 in nh. On my 21st birthday. Then i did good for awhile and in 2013 i got a dui in mass they charged me with second offence. Went a whole year in court and as that was going on i got another in nh. Nh charged me with a first cause it was so close to being 10 years from my one in 2005. Well the nh one and mass one ended in court about 2 weeks apart. In oct. 2014. I have sense cleaned my act up and have been sober sense 2014. I have done all the programs necessary. So i went down to mass hearing and the hearings officer said "the computer didnt know if you were from mass or nh. So it was only a year suspension but now looking at your record its a second." i said i know the courst suspended me and charged me with 2nd offence. Its been 2 years now. She said "well you will prob be suspended for another year. Once i plug this in." Now how is that? Because a computer messed up i now have a 3 year loss of license? And the computer never let nh know. So my questions is that legal for them to do that? And now what of nh will they come after me for a second dui? Should i go to the nh dmv and turn myself in so they dont add more next year???
You should consult with DUI lawyers in both states. They can look at your record and advise you on how to get your...
Dui in mass and nh
I got a dui in mass. Then spent a year in the courts and i ended up getting another in nh my home state. They both went through with in a week of each other getting sentenced. Now its been two years and mass still hasnt told nh about my dui. My suspension is almost up. I have done all requirements for both states. Now im stressing because im thinking once i lift the suspension in mass they will tell nh and then nh will add more time to my suspension? I have checked and re checked my driving record and mass dui is still not on. There 2 years later.
Massachusetts is not a member of the Interstate Driving Compact, which the agreement through which most states share...
Do i need to go to hearing in Massachusetts
Got a 2nd dwi in mass. Two years ago did all the requirments programs ext.. Nezt month the two years is up. I live in new hampshire was when i got the dwi. Also have a 1st dwi in nh. That i have cleared up already. Now both require me to get iid. Will the nh one comply with mass regulations. And do i need to go to hearing officer down in mass. Or does nh take care of it. And what is the hearing officer lookimg for? Can they add more time to my suspension?
If the attorneys on Avvo can't answer your questions, please feel free to call a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
Will my MA license be revoked if I lose the right to drive in NH?
In New Hampshire, I am being charged with reckless operation. If I am convicted, I am aware that 1.) fine, and 2.) loss of license for 60 days. In Massachusetts, I need my license to get to school and to get to work. Without a license, school and work will be impossible. So, will/can I lose my MA license from this?
Yes. The registry of MA will reciprocate the NH suspension and impose its own suspension. The registry in MA will look...
How long is loss of license for for negligent homicide?
how long is loss of license for for negligent homicide?
Your question might seem simple, but it's a little more complicated than you think. Assuming that the negligent...
How to get an extension for court ordered community service
My daughter was arrested for letting someone smoke pot in her apartment. She didnt smoke and passed a drug test. She was fined. Has to attend diversion weekly (which she has done since ordered and always passed) and community service. She appeared June 20th and she was given to July 20th to complete paying the fine and community service. She hasnt so I am wondering what happens now and what should she do. The gentleman who admitted to smoking to pot got off without any consequences. The official report says the police confiscated a pipe with a burnt substance. She was in college at the time.
She, not you, has to go back to court and ask for the extension to finish her community service or to ask that the...
Can i fight a dui when i was in my parked car
i had too much to drink, went to drive home and realized it wasnt safe, i pulled over to a car wash parking lot to sleep. i was in the drivers seat and had the car off however i got cold and turned on the car for the heat. an officer woke me up and did a field test and a breath test. i was arrested for dui. i am 49 and this is the first time i have gotten into trouble
I do not practice in New Hampshire, but many state's DUI laws only require the accused to be in "actual physical...