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My husband served 2 yrs for dui 2005-2007. He's now serving 30 days in jail for dui . Is there a statue of limitations on dui
He had too much to drink after 8 years of sobriety. He didn't feel as though he'd had too much to drink after not drinking for so long. Will he now be penalized for his past mistakes, he learned a lesson after serving 2 yrs of his life. He's 51 yrs old and believe me he's learned his lesson.
Whats confusing from your question is whether he in jail on a new DUI. Statute of limitations apply to new charges...
Dui conviction vs Dui (Ard Disposition)
I have a dui controlled substance charge. I likely qualify for ard because I have no prior misdeameanor or felony convictions. While on ard, I have to wait a year to get it expunged from my record. I have a bachelor's degree and I am driving myself crazy thinking how this charge mat affect me finding a decent job for the time being. I know ultimately every employer is different but I feel it would be more acceptable if it was a simple alcohol dui but no legit company wants a druggie even if it's not a conviction but a ard disposition. Am I thinking too much into this a shot just apply for jobs because at the end of the day it's not a conviction (and never will be) and jobs only care about convictions? Or is this something I should genuinely be concern ed about? Or is this
Employers care more about JUST a conviction, they care about a course of conduct. Thus, even it's imperative you do...
Will an arrest show up on a background check?
I was arrested for driving with a suspended license in MD. The reason my license was suspended I found, was for non payment of a speeding ticket in Delaware a couple years before. I did in fact pay the ticket on time. My home state (PA) and Delaware never communicated to each other that it was paid. I never received notice of license suspension so 2 years later was stopped for expired registration in MD and arrested for having the suspended license. A lawyer gathered the necessary information and wrote a letter to the court. Everything was dropped without having to go to court. I want to know if the arrest will show up on a background check and if so what state to talk to to get it removed. Thanks for any advice
It matters first of all what kind of background check you are referring to. There are many types and each has...
How can I find out if I have a warrant for a dui back in 2011?
Orlando andres rivera
With the warrant be out of Florida or Pennsylvania?
Will the new bill 1239 passed October,2014 affect my DUI case as I was arrested January, 2014?
I was looking for some help from a attorney possibly currently or previously dealing with this. I was arrested January,2014 and took a plea deal to be charged as a 1st offense because I had a prior but then everyone pretended to know nothing about my priors and I was sentenced as a second offense third tier so my public defender screwed me. I had to hire an appellate attorney and this case has been going on for some time as I try to get my original deal or at least a fair chance at trial. This technically would be my third as my first being 2008 in New Jersey I received two in 2014 the last before I was convicted of the first so I believe Commonwealth vs Haag would have applied but now new law was passed recently so my question is if I do get the plea negated would I face harsher charges?
This is an excellent question to pose to your appellate attorney. While represented by an attorney, he or she must be...
Hi my license are suspened in jersey for dwi I lived in Philadelphia now is possible I could get a work lic in Philadelphia
Can I get philadelphia work lic if my lic are suspened in New Jersey
Generally if you licenses is suspended in one state it will go into the national database and you won't be able to go...
Is 2nd dui considered a traffic violation?
i recently got a notice to report for jury duty in the questionare it asks have i ever plead guilty to a crime other than traffic violation. it was a misdemeanor and i did do jail time and probation for it.the 2nd dui occured in april 2012.what im concerned about is if this is a scam to have me report to the courthouse cause i still owe some money on old fines.
The questionaire for Philadelphia Jury duty does ask if you have been convicted of a crime. And yes, a second offense...