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I have an Administrative Per Se DIV hearing in California with an out of state license .
I am wondering what effect the DIV suspension will have on my WI drivers license even if there is no DUI conviction with the courts . When I talked to the lady at the WI DIV she said it shouldn't matter if there is no court conviction , but I am just making sure . Any input is helpful , please let me know if you have any other questions . DUI charged , pending court date .
In my experience, WI generally does not take action on out of state administrative suspensions related to OWIs. WI...
For what reasons is a collateral attack on a DUI granted?
As far as a collateral attack on a DUI in Wisconsin goes, is the absolute only way to have one granted by not having an attorney and not intelligently waiving that right? Is there any other argument to have that granted? My brother was suffering from mental health conditions and tried committing suicide. He plead guilty the day he was released. Now, he has a 4th offense in court. I am just curious if his mental state at that time, or anything else would determine the attack being granted. He had a public defender.
The grounds for a collateral attack depend on the facts of the case, the location of the court, the charges upon which...
Hello I have a question about OWI (3) and OWI (2) sentencing and could use some advice, thank you.
I got charged with OWI (3) and it got reduced to OWI (2) so I plead guilty to OWI (2). However in my firstly charged OWI (2) I was found guilty of Implied Consent but was found not guilty at trial. I lost my license for 2 years on the Implied Consent charge "first OWI (2)" so I had 2 years credit on this new charge. I also did an AODA assessment and multiple offender driving program on the Implied Consent charge. The DOT has not suspended my license because of this fact so I never lost my license on this new OWI (2) charge after I plead guilty but my probation officer says I still need to do an AODA assessment driver safety plan, and ignition interlock device, even though I already them on my Implied Consent charge. Why do I need to do all of this if I never lost my license on this charge?
The sentence is what the judge ordered. If the judge ordered an AODA assessment, you need to do one unless the other...
In need of advice. Anything is greatly appreciated! Please help?
I got into a bad accident Sunday early morning and got an OWI and a causing injury while intoxicated. I also have a suspended license. I am only 20 years old. The officer said that he knows the accident was not because i was drinking, i hit black ice. But I am facing a lot of charges and could really use some professional advice. Please. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
Where to start? First, I don't want you to admit anything online. Anything you say on here can be used against you in...
Approximately 12 years ago I was pulled over for owi in Minn. and never went back for court. I currently have 3 in WI, 1 prior
First was in WI approximately 10 years prior, then Minn. then 6 years later 2 in WI. At the time was told just don't drive in Minnesota, in Oct when I renewed my license the DMV said I need to take care of this soon or my license will be revoked or I may have a warrant sent out. as this would be my 4th , a very serious offense,are there alternatives? Is the Minn. dui still active after probably 12 years? Would today's laws count or when the Minn. dui occurred? would it count as my second or 4th since I have 2 since? I did jail for the 2 in WI and nothing was ever brought up about Minn. the whole time.. thank you
I'm confused. Did you go to court on your MN DWI or did you skip out on it?
How long after sentencing of owi in wi, is my license still valid
I have a plea deal already, and just need to know how long I can drive after the sentencing date.
None; since the judge's order revoking you would go immediately into effect unless the judge specifies otherwise. In...
Can my brother be charged with a drunk driving while sitting in the passenger seat when the driver left the scene? .
The car was 20 feet from the road next to a farmer's field, the car was not there a statute about being off the legal roadway?
Yes it happens. See for instance your brother's case. The state has to prove it. They probably have circumstantial...