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Would I be eligible for unemployment if a DUI that's been pending for over a year just now goes through since new employment?
Ive had a pending DUI for over a year. Lost my old job but received employment since but I drive a company vehicle. I'm not sure on company policies with respect to this situation so I can't give any input there. But my general question is would I be eligible for unemployment since the DUI had no relevance to employment up until now? Also it hasn't officially gone through yet, if the DUI is generally a problem with unemployment in NJ, would it make more sense to attempt to get fired or laid off by some means? And if that's the case, how so?
You need to ask an attorney more familiar with the unemployment regs. If you are terminated for cause it may be a...
Failing to install IID
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI 09/25/2014 in NYC and as a condition was told to install a IID. While planning to sell the car. I had gotten my car back from the impound in January 2015. Since then my license was revoked for 6 months therefore i was not able to drive the car. When the revocation was lifted, license was still in suspended status therefore sill unable to drive and unable to go to install the IID in the car. It has been a year and I had gotten a call from my attorney indicating that the ADA has called and informed that I have violated the terms of the order. What can I do? what can be the outcome?
The fact that your license was revoked and you were not allowed to drive did not mean you didn't need to get the IID...
My son's father was arrested for a DUI twice within a three month period. What are his chances of having them both dismissed.
Both arrests were made in Burlington County NJ. The first in Delran and the second in Lumberton. He also has a current Felony charge for possession of a controlled substance (marijuana)
Dwis do not get dismissed easily. His only chance is to hire a lawyer. It also sounds like some drug counseling would...
Am I liable for a patron who got a dui if I didn't serve them? There is very little proof that the establishment over served him
I was on duty until 1030pm as a manager doing office duties but not the floor manager. Place closed at 1230am. I was off duty for over two hours prior to the dui. I saw the manager on duty take the keys from the intoxicated patron prior to my departure. They want to terminate me for negligence.
To properly answer your questions and address your concerns, the best way to handle this is with an in person...
How and why should I get an interlock device on my car during license suspension if I can't drive?
I got a second dui conviction and during sentencing the judge ordered I have an interlock device installed for one year during suspension and one year after restoration. I am not allowed to drive, so how do I get the device installed and monitored every 1- 2 months? This makes little sense to me. Why are they asking me to drive a car that I'm not allowed to drive? Will the NJ MVC enforce this or can I just wait until my suspension time is up and get the interlock then?
It makes sure that if you violate the sentence, you cannot violate it while you are also drunk. And because it is the...
I have been denied restoration of my DL by njdmv. After completing IDRC and 3 mo. suspension for dui & pd all fines/surcharges.
I was eligible to get license back 7-26-15. Njdmv is now saying I have to be reevaluated by IDRC because they found a DUI from 1986 on my abstract. That is 29 years ago. What is the statutory time period between offenses? Do DMV and idrc have the right to do this after I already satisfied all the requirements of the courts judgements?
Hi again. You will have to get a hearing with DMV. Then if DMV declines your request to forego this additional...
Officer lied on Arrest Report for dui can I get case dismissed for lack of probable cause?
I was pulled over for speeding I had no signs of being intoxicated. The officer asked me to step out the vehicle and do field sobriety test after I admitted to having 3 drinks. Officer lied on his arrest report claiming I had slurred speech, trouble standing, failed a test I actually passed, and most his observations were clearly cut and paste from other reports. He also failed to conduct the walk and turn test properly making me that 7 instead of 9 steps. I have the officer's dashcam footage and its obvious he lied about 80% of his report. Can I get the case dismissed due to lack of probable cause and clearly the officers credibility is shot.
Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to do that on your own. It is 1 in a million when representing yourself....