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Will previous dui count
Will a previous dui in 2003 come into play during sentencing for a new dui charge in 2015 in Pennsylvania?
The answer is yes, it would come in to play. Not, however, in the way you think. Your DUI would count as your first...
I feel I'm in a double jeopardy situation from a DUI, explanation underneath, please help.
I had recently moved to Pennsylvania in the fall and still had an IL license when I received a DUI. It was my first conviction for DUI but I had an arrest for DUI in IL before. PA said my driving would be suspended for a year, I had fines, rehab, prison, you name it I did it all in PA. Now IL is saying my license is revoked which as you know is much worse than a suspension. How can I have to pay for this crime in IL now when it happened in PA and I live in PA? I'm disgusted and at my wits end over this. Please help
First, its not double jeopardy. That means you cant be tried or punished for the same offense twice. Just so you know,...
I had an Idaho license. I got a DUI in PA. My license is pending suspension. Can I get a license in another state?
My change of address reflects that I live in Delaware and I have bills and invoices confirming that. If I get a license in Delaware before Idaho suspends my license, does the suspension still go through? Can the issuing state still suspend my license if I get a valid license from another state? This is my first time DUI and my BAC was low. My license will be suspended for 1 year because I did not know that automatically happened if I refused the bloodwork.
PennDOT has an agreement with many other states about reporting driving infractions, especially DUI offenses. You can...
What happens if someone in PA has a DUI and then gets an out of state license from Georgia?
How does one go about reporting this and additionally what are the charges? This happened a few years ago.
This is not an advisable idea. Driving under a suspended license in Pennsylvania carries a mandatory minimum sentence...
DUI #2, 1st tier (.088) mandatory 5 days. Can't I split it up into 2 weekends rather than 5 consecutive days and lose my job?
My Public defender told me I can't split it up into weekend that it has to be 5 consecutive days, but my aunt who was in the exact same situation was able to do weekends and same with a friend of mine who was in the same situation. My boss doesn't know about this and my trial is next week, so I can't just tell my boss a week in advanced that I need a week off from work. Why would I not be able to split it up into weekends? I really don't want to lose my job over this and I don't know what to do.
You could always ask the judge to see if they would do it. However you should also call the person and find out if that...
Am I able to transfer my 6 month probation from PA to CA ?
I got a second DUI (1st tier) in Pennsylvania, I am moving to California in 3 months. I was told in the beginning that I can get my probation transferred and it shouldn't be a problem, but then I was told there's a chance they won't let me transfer since it's such a short probation. It's only a 6 month probation but I have planned to move at that specific date for quite sometime and I really don't want my probation to screw up that plan. Do you think if they knew the situation I would be able to transfer the probation?
There's always a chance to transfer probation. In the past I've had cases where individuals transferred probation from...
Is it possible to get my DUI case dismissed or thrown out with a BAC level of exactly .08?
I am being charged with a DUI after being arrested and breathalyzed at exactly .08. I remember the events of the night in vivid detail and dont feel i was incapable of driving. I was pulled over a half mile away from home for not staying entirely in my lane. Although that was true, i was driving through an "s" turn and knowingly placed my left tires on the double yellow line to cut the corner by the slightest bit because there was no one in the oncoming lane (it was after 2:30 am) and therefore no one at risk by doing that. Its not as if I was veering back and forth uncontrollably. Apparently I failed the 3 tests though, was breathalyzed and arrested. I feel I most likely need a lawyer but am really looking for a very reasonable price for the representation.
When you say breathalyzed, I am assuming you mean on the side of the road. If you are referring to the breathalyzer at...