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If my license is suspended in PA can i drive in California? If i need ignition interlock in my car in PA will i need it in CA?
My license got suspended in June for a DUI in Pennsylvania, it is suppose to be suspended for a year than a year with the ignition interlock. However, since i got everything done in a good time my probation office sent a signed letter to the judge asking him to reinstate my license. I'm moving to California in January and am thinking my license will most likely be reinstated by then, but will i need the interlock in my car in CA if everything with my dui happened in PA?
If you move to CA you will likely need to apply for a CA license once you establish residency there. The question...
I got a DUI in georgia 8 years ago moved pa before convicted. I am trying to get an interlock license in pa. Is this possible?
I have quit drinking (6+yrs) and served my penalty in pa and trying to get my pa interlock license. I have the device installed but can not seem to get an interlock license. Drowning me in paper work and get a different story every time I call the pa dmv, as what to do? Is this possible?
The pertinent form to apply for an interlock license can be found at
I have been charged with a first offense dui and will lose my license for 1 year.
I had a prior dui 13 years ago. Will I be eligible for an OLL from Penndot after 60 days of hard suspension.
You need to discuss the details of these cases as well as any other pertinent information with an attorney as the facts...
Preliminary hearing papers state I am charged with a first offense dui. Will they know about my past dui at the hearing?
I had a DUI 7 years ago in another dlc state. The court papers state that I am being charged for a first offense DUI. Is this what they normally put on the paper work regardless of the offense count? How likely is it that my past DUI will be discovered by the DA?
It's likely it will be discovered. The DA can always amend the charge to a second offense DUI. You may be fortunate...
What will go on my record?
I was arrested and found to have a BAC of .91. I am under 18, but do have a legal drivers license (the restricted kind for minor). What will I be tried for and how will it impact my record?
First off you should talk with an experienced attorney who handles this type of law in this County. From what you...
Will i get arrested
I got pulled over by cops and they gave me a breath alizer to breathe in to see if i was intoxicated but i was on pain medication at the time so they didnt charge me but to me to the hospital than i was released from the hospital 3 hours later but i didn't sign no paperwork from the officers now a week later i get a letter in the mail telling me i got to come get fingerprinted by a certain date will i be arrested are they allow to do that charge me a week later
In Pennsylvania they can send this kind of paperwork a few days after the initial police contact. What that really...
I received my second DUI recently. How likely is it that I can obtain House arrest rather than jail time in my county?
My first DUI occurred in Illinois 7-8 years ago. I went on a program similar to ARD; therefore, this will definitely count as my second. During my second DUI, I refused the chemical test which puts me at the highest tier. How likely is it in my county to receive house arrest and no jail time? I have no other criminal history other than these DUIs. I am worried about this because if I receive jail time and miss work due to it then I will most definitely loose my job. At least with house arrest I'll be able to go to work.
Assuming your DUI occurred in Chester County it is unlikely that you will avoid jail time entirely. Chester county...