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DMV returned license after DWI charge and revoked it 8 days later the exact day I received my license in the mail.
Had my license taken when arrested for DWI.Was never given refusal hearing paperwork and told this to my lawyer who said she would look into right away and contact me if a date had been scheduled.About 8 days ago I received a letter from DMV with my drivers license without explanation of why it was returned to me.8 days later I received letter from DMV that says my license was revoked due to default hearing on the date I received my drivers license in the mail.I never was informed of hearing date by mail or in court at arraignment.I have called and e-mailed my lawyer and still have not been contacted about how or why this happened and how I should proceed.The DMV letter also says that I have until June to appeal the hearing.What should I do next?
You need to make an appt w/your atty asap b/c they can and will re-schedule the hearing that was missed. It can be...
Court transcript subpoena during arraignment for refusal hearing.
My attorney was suppose to contact the court/DMV to see if a refusal hearing date was set but never did so and as a result I had a default DMV hearing because I never knew it was scheduled after not receiving this paperwork at arraignment or in the mail (the court never gave me refusal hearing date at arraignment and attorney told me not to contact either in case they did not file it). My attorney said he would subpoena the court for transcript proving that they never issued it to me at arraignment despite the clerk having it on file that it was given to me. If the judge never mentioned this document at arraignment how will this help my DMV refusal hearing? I also mentioned to the judge at arraignment that I requested a blood test and was never given one by the officers.
In reality, if your attorney calls DMV and advises them it was not served at arraignment, they will re-schedule the...
DWI 1205 form was never filed and DMV returned my license to me.Can cops still file a 1205 now that DMV gave me my license back?
The court/police station never gave me or sent 1205 refusal hearing form to DMV. The DMV has since sent me back my drivers license without any explanation.I called DMV and they said my license was suspended for 15 days but it is now valid. Will this help my DWI case? Also, will the cops/court still be able to file the 1205 form?It has been almost a month since getting my DWI. Thank you!
Since the refusal hearing is civil and the DWI (along with the citation for refusing) is criminal, the fact that no...
DMV sent my drivers license back to me after getting a DWI. Never had refusal hearing date or given refusal paperwork in court.
Received my license back in mail today after it was taken away in court after getting a DWI about 3 weeks ago. Why did this happen and what does it mean? I had also been charged with a refused breathalyzer. I haven't been to court since getting my DWI.The card sent to me says drivers license on it. Called DMV and they said license was suspended for 15 days and now is valid, but they couldnt tell me why this happened. Was never given refusal hearing papers in court, at police station, or in the mail. There hasn't been any refusal hearing that I know of and I have never been to a refusal hearing or even been scheduled for a refusal hearing. I surrendered my license at arraignment. There is no explanation on DMV paperwork as to why I was sent my license back. It just says "here is.Thank you!
Sounds like a clerical error you should be thankful for. Hire an attorney to handle the Dwi and he can manage this...
If I am convicted of a second DWI felony in NY will I lose my financial aid for college?
If I am convicted of a second DWI felony in NY will I lose my financial aid for college?
It is a conviction so it could affect your financial aid. You would need to read your specific aid package. Joseph A....
Can they reopen my DUI court case in PA?
My DUI court case was dismissed in PA. My urine test came back positive with a low level of THC for catholic charities in NY after my case was dismissed.
Ask a PA attorney. Why are you having urine tests done if the case was dismissed?
If I was indicted on a felony DUI can the charges still be reduced and what happens after the indictment?
I was just indicted on a felony DUI wanted to kow what happens next and could my charges still be reduced
"...could my charges still be reduced" Not without an attorney (hint, hint). .