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Will my husband be able to get a bond?
Hi, my husband was charged with 2nd Offense DUI within 5 years in Chesapeake and was sentenced to 70 days in jail... but only did 50 and his release date was 11/17... in the marine Portsmouth which is the city he received his first dui have him a vasap violation and had a capias. So when he was going to be released from Chesapeake, Portsmouth ended up being at the jail to serve him which we knew that was going to happen.. only thing is he is still in Chesapeake city jail because they didn't take him to Portsmouth and he received no bond per the magistrate but he do have a hearing tomorrow with Portsmouth and will be leaving Chesapeake... my question is do they give you bonds on vasap violations.. could he ask for a bond when he go tomorrow?
Yes. As soon as he gets transported to Portsmouth there will be an arraignment and a bond hearing. If he is not a...
How long will my husband have to actually stay in jail?
Hi, my husband was charged for 2nd DUI within 5 years and driving on suspended license. The judge sentenced him to 365 days, 305 suspended on the DUI and 10 days on suspended license, no time suspended. He turned his self in on September 29th and it's still in their.. he had a total of 70 days, I checked the website for Chesapeake, Va sheriff Dept and they show his release date is not until November 17th.. these are misdemeanors... why is he having to serve 50 days instead of 50% which is 35 days of the 70 day sentence..i called the office and the lady I spoke to in inmates records advised he would have to do 50% which is the 35 days but the date has not changed. What do I need to do to get him out of there?
Your husband should have to serve the 50 a dui 2nd in 5 years there is a mandstory 20 day jail sentence...
Can I be charged with anything or get in trouble?
3 months ago a friend and I got together around 10 that morning to drink a bit. Around 7 that afternoon he got into an accident and killed a guy. We talked about it over text and it seemed as if I was the only one drinking and at the accident they did not test his for being under the influence. About a week later the officer in estimating him told me things like I cannot get in trouble and was asking if they can confirm that I was the only person drinking. But I won't go into detail on that. Now here we are in July and he was just arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless texting and driving. Can I get somehow caught into this even a bit? Or am I in the clear. I haven't heard anything from an officer since that one time when they were questioning me that day months ago.
You can be asked to come in for questioning. You might be subpoenaed to appear and testify as a witness. Do not talk...
Are you tested on the day of your orientation to pretrial services?
I have a DUI, my first visit for my intake orientation is Monday. I have a family function. Will I be tested for drinking beer on the intake interview?
This is a poorly framed question. I'm not an saint. But you should be abstaining from alcohol at least throughout...
Can I get my license reinstated sooner?
First offense marijuana possession. I had a few very valid defenses but there ended up being a 6 month continuation & I feel as if my lawyer didn't look over anything before, nor did he bother to talk to me. He barely said anything in my defense. I was given the option to pay a fine & get things over with or take the first offenders class. Poorly explained options by my lawyer that focused more on the money I'd have to spend. I took the lesser route without realizing the consequence. I think if my defenses were brought up, it could have been dismissed. I feel as if he didn't try & he had some agreement with plaintiff. Is it worth appealing? How do I know I can trust a paid attorney again?
Confusing post, which is it: a question about your driver's license, or about an appeal, or about whether you can ever...
How long will it take for an arrest for possible DWI take to show on a record in another state?
Was arrested for a DWI in rustic NY on Saturday 1/11/17, have not plead guilty, but have a follow-up court case for first offender program that I plead guilty to for assault and batter of family member on 1/15/15. Was supposed to have good behavior for two years and then it goes away. Will it show up in court that I was arrested in NY when I go to court on Thursday?
You will want to talk to a local attorney who practices in those courts to get their thoughts. For practical purposes,...
If u on the run for 8 month for not payments on fine and not reporting to probation officer u get what kind of violation and you
i had no one to take in my child at the time
Your potential penalty can vary depending on many factors. It is important for you to consult right away with a...