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I was arrested for a DUI a week back
I was arrested for a DUI last week and my court date is pending.I am an IT consultant and have a job already but i was also applying for new jobs and i as i am on Work permit so i filled up their paperwork 2 weeks back marking "I don't have any arrests" as i did not.Now i am worried that arrest will come up after the background check and i will be honest when filling the background application form. Can this hamper my chances of getting this job?
All you can do is be as honest as you can. If you were not arrested at the time you filled out the application, you...
The dmv marked me a no show now i can't appeal i tried to ask for another hearing
I hired lawyer to call and no answer yet what is the chance of this working out?
Did the lawyer call after the time the hearing was supposed to start ? Did the lawyer go to the office where the field...
I was arrested for a DWI recently and I hold a cdl . do I get to keep my cdl until I am convicted ?
Also if the case gets thrown out do I still retain my cdl license
Upon being charged with DWI, if your bac was over the legal limit, you face an automatic loss of CDL privs for a year...
I missed dmv logger hearing. they told me I can appeal which I did today. I'm waiting to see if they reschedule
or if they suspend license for a year.
OK. Well, good luck on all of this. Do you have a question?
I want to get different quotes on auto insurance. If ins. company asks me about prior tickets,etc., do I have to mention DUI?
I was charged with DUI about four years ago but a lawyer got it expunged. I am about to get some quotes from different auto insurance companies. When they ask if I have had any tickets, felonies, etc., do I have to tell them about the DUI? I am with Geico now and they are charging me a higher premium. Thank you!
I am a CA attorney and can tell you that all insurance companies run a DMV background check before issuing insurance....
First DUI in parking lot with the car not running and keys not in inginton.. Help!!
Helo the last story i made was mesed up so here we go again I drank bout 4 beer and one shot on the night of December 28th, At 2 am i start heading home from the bar with my buddy and as we came across the McCdonalds we decided to stop nd go in and eat well i parked my car in the parkin lot and started looking for my wallet, it fell between the seats of the car. So i was there for about 10-15 mins and finaly found it and started to get out of the car and as i got out i hear someone yelling lic. and registration so i freaked out and dropped my wallet to the ground.. He didnt make me preform any test just blow and took me in at 2:33am and made me blow at 4 am and error on machine so wrote refused on ticket but took my blood draw at 5 am and charg me wit civil distrubance dwi!! smh!!
You should consult with an experienced DUI/DWI attorney to represent you.
First DUI in McCdonalds Parking Lot..! Help Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey i just got my first DUI on decmeber December decimeter decreer Debera decompose 28th 2014 , Well i wasn't driving or anything i was parked with the keys in the backseat of the car when the cop pulled up behind me i didnt didn't dint didst even know because i didnt didn't dint didst see him pull up behind me , i was looking for my wallet in between the seats so i can go in McCdonalds McDonald MacDonald Macdonald Donaldson McDonnell get some eat . . Well after i found my wallet i walked out the car and i dropped my wallet on ground and as i was picking it up i hear someone asking for my id and yelling at me . . It was a cop , he came straight with his breathlyzer Breathalyzer breathalyser breathless breathable brotherliness towards me and made me blow and i did blow 3 times so he took m
Hire an attorney. I am not licensed to practice in North Carolina, but the officer's immediate imposition of the...